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The sale or purchase of your yacht is more than a business decision. Beautiful trips, precious moments and unforgettable memories; for you as a seller they contributed to the love for your yacht. And for you as a buyer they should contribute to that. That is why you are looking for a yacht broker who shares your passion for the water and understands your emotions: Jachtmakelaardij 4Beaufort.

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Yacht broker in Sneek (Friesland)

At Jachtmakelaardij 4Beaufort in Sneek (Friesland) you will be helped by boaters. From a shared passion we assist you as a certified EMCI broker. With finding your right yacht. Or with the search for a new owner for your yacht, both from your own permanent berth as well as from our home port in Sneek. We offer you an enthusiastic cooperation with 4 certainties:

  • Personal attention
  • Reliable approach
  • Extensive service
  • Experienced expertise

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Yachtbroker in Friesland /Sneek > Jachtmakelaardij 4Beaufort (2)

Discover our complete range of second-hand yachts

You will find many more beautiful yachts in our offer. If the photos appeal to you, the specifications satisfy you and you can already see yourself sailing, we will be happy to convince you with 4 purchasing guarantees to make your dream come true through 4Beaufort.

New offer

Valkvlet 1190 OK

1993 | 11.90 meter | € 147,500,-

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New offer

Super Lauwersmeer Kotter 1450 FB

1994 | 14.50 meter | € 235,000,-

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New offer

Aquanaut Privilege 1250 AK

2007 | 12.65 meter | € 279,000,-

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Meetings on the water!

Miquel and Wenda spent their lives on the water. They want to pass on their love for the freedom of sailing to others. That's why they offer business teams of up to eight people a unique experience on board, where guests are immersed in luxury for a day. In the Altena Blue Water Trawler 51 'Adnew' they found their ideal yacht at 4Beaufort.

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Always on the water!

Daan and Sylvia are water sports enthusiasts in heart and soul. Together they have been sailing for 48 years! After a six-month trip in 2022, they decided to make their dream come true: living on the water. They sold their house and found their dream yacht in the Zijlmans 1500 Eagle Cabrio 'Wildebras' at 4 Beaufort. Staying and sailing. Daan and Sylvia combine it and enjoy it to the fullest!

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Ultimate freedom on 'a self-sufficient apartment on the water'

Sailing was instilled in Sjoerd at an early age. As a child and teenager, he made many boat trips with his father, who was a professional skipper. He has never lost his love for sailing. This led him and his wife Renée to buy a very fully equipped Bendie 13.70 in 2020. After 3.5 years of memorable moments, it is now with pain in their hearts that they say goodbye to this beautiful, self-sufficient yacht.

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On Valentine's Day hunt? Find your love at first sight at 4Beaufort!

Two more weeks and then it's Valentine's Day! 4Beaufort is happy to help you find the love for the yacht of your dreams. To help you with this, the yachts Nynke, Arend, Bregje, Marco, Jacoba and Magdeleine advertise themselves.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US! And then it's almost time to say goodbye to 2023... But before that happens, we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us in making your dreams of buying and selling come true in the past year. Thank you for relying on our knowledge, expertise and experience. Confidence that you can once again count on in 2024!

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Motorboot Sneek: your ideal buying and selling moment!

Have you already noted 3, 4 and 5 November in your agenda? These are the days on which the autumn edition of Motorboot Sneek (MBS) takes place. For a weekend, yacht builders, yacht dealers and yacht brokers bring together the most varied range of new-build and young used motor yachts in the Netherlands. As one of the participants of Motorboot Sneek, we can offer you the ideal buying and selling moment in the heart of the show.

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Our latest offer is ready to go!

As soon as the young used yachts enter our sales port, they also sail out with a new owner. Fortunately, new supply continues to trickle into our location in Sneek.

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Want to sail your dream yacht this summer?

Today is June 21st, the official start of summer! With the arrival of the sun, several beautiful yachts also enter our sales port. As a result, not only the weather, but also our renewed yacht offer make you shine. Do you still want to sail your dream yacht this summer? Then take a look at the last yachts we received in mediation! If you want, you can enjoy the summer with it tomorrow.

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Yachtbroker in Friesland /Sneek > Jachtmakelaardij 4Beaufort (2024)
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