New's Restaurant, Meridian (2024)

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New's Restaurant, Meridian (5)5020 Poplar Springs Dr
Meridian, MS39305

New's Restaurant, Meridian (6)Phone: (601) 483-9051

New's Restaurant, Meridian (8)Neighborhood: Meridian

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Southern, Soul Food

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3.8 stars - Based on 13 votes

#44 out of 156 restaurants in Meridian

#1 of 3 Southern in Meridian

5 star5 votes38%
4 star3 votes23%
3 star4 votes31%
2 star0 votes0%
1 star1 votes8%

Top Reviews of New's Restaurant

New's Restaurant, Meridian (24)06/24/2024 - Rhonda
My favorite is chicken & dumplings
My favorite desert is lemon pie yum

New's Restaurant, Meridian (25)06/18/2024 - C P.
good food and service

New's Restaurant, Meridian (26)11/10/2023 - DJ Gressett
Best Burgers in town.

New's Restaurant, Meridian (27)02/08/2016 - Lanny
I love News! They have the best burgers, fries, onion rings, club sandwiches....we go there to eat and for the live music....Great owners and staff....I mostly get their famous burgers....delish!!! My mom and dad had their first date there and went a lot...great memories of this place...just because someone else went for cuisine type food, this is not the's down home MS cooking and it's delish!!! :) I was born and raised in Meridian and it's been there since before I was born! Love it! :)

New's Restaurant, Meridian (28)12/11/2014 - Headlines
Very disappointed after reading the rave reviews about the great home style cooking on various sites.
I went there about 7pm on 12/10/2014 with a friend to try out the cuisine. The restaurant had a quaint old style look to it. It appeared to be a clean place with only 4 tables out of the ample seating being occupied. We went back to the bar (walk to the very back and take a left) and started off with the mushrooms as an appetizer. The bar itself was smallish compared to the large room it is in. It would look as if the main purpose was to have musical entertainment there. Some company (unknown) was having a Christmas Party and the poor bartender had to do double duty and waitress the festivities.
The afore mentioned mushrooms arrived 30 minutes later swimming in a layer of oil on a red plate with a sauce being the consistency of watered down mayonnaise. If you order these appetizers I would recommend getting a to-go box and take the mushrooms to lubricate any number of squeaky items around the home. As a joke my friend offered some to me but at least warned me to use a fork as his hands were dripping with the grease. I dipped one in the sauce and tasted it. Mushrooms are my favorite appetizers but these had a peculiar rancid taste. I looked at him and he was chuckling. I asked “What the Heck was that?” He replied it was supposed to be stuffed mushrooms. Being a brave soul I tasted the dip itself which was bland except for a slight sour taste. So it might be ok to eat another mushroom marinated in oil without the special sauce. Wrong, I had found the culprit producing the rancid taste.
We stared at the mushrooms until the Bartender/waitress (again, poor girl) was able to serve us another drink. (Hey, somebody get her a tumbler so she does not have to stir every drink she makes.)
The main course arrives and we are cautiously excited to finally taste these great cooking. His was Chicken Alfredo and I was living dangerously with Rattlesnake (Crowd goes ohhh) Penne. Don’t freak out. Rattlesnake is what they call the “sauce”. It is chicken, penne noodles, and this “sauce”. I have not seen any place cut a chicken breast into strips but did not finish. That could have been because the chicken dulled their knives. Did not know a chicken breast is wrapped in leather. I not sure what the connection was between the sauce and a rattlesnake except I’d rather eat a live rattlesnake then that dish again.
My friend was playing with his food. He said “Hey. Look at this”. I looked to my right and saw his fork standing straight up in Alfredo sauce and spaghetti noodles. Yep you heard right, his fork was straight up and down suspended in 3/4 of an inch of gooey sauce and spaghetti (not fettuccini noodles).
This was the point and time we said let’s get the heck on out of here never to return.

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New's Restaurant, Meridian (2024)
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