Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Megan’ Album: All 18 Tracks Ranked (2024)

The Houston Hottie's third album has landed just in time for summer.

It’s about to be a Hot Girl Summer. Megan Thee Stallion dropped off her long-awaited Megan album on Friday (June 28), which serves as her third LP.

Between earning a solo No. 1 Hot 100 hit with “Hiss” and trekking across North America on the Hot Girl Summer Tour, 2024 has already been a prolific year for Meg.

Megan boasts 18 tracks in total with features from fellow Houstonian legends UGK, GloRilla, Victoria Monet, Big K.R.I.T., Kyle Richh and more.

“This is music I would like if I wasn’t Megan Thee Stallion. I don’t want to say I’m tapping into other genres. I’m just tapping into othersounds. But it’s still very much Megan Thee Stallion. It won’t feel like I went so left. It’ll feel true to me,” Megan told L’OFFICIEL of the project. “You’ll almost be like,‘I wouldn’t have thought she would’ve rapped over that, but this sounds great.’”

The 29-year-old has a pair of Hot Girl Summer Tour dates left in America (Atlanta and Charlotte) before heading across the pond for the European leg in July.

Megan Thee Stallion will set the tone for the BET Awards when she opens the show on Sunday night (June 30) with what should be a lively performance.

The album serves as a “rebirth” for Megan with the first project to arrive since the Tory Lanez shooting trial came to a close with the singer being sentenced to a decade behind bars last August.

Billboard ran through Megan upon its arrival on streaming services, and we ranked all 18 tracks from the LP below.

  • "Down Stairs DJ"

    Honorable C.N.O.T.E. brings an ethereal feel behind the boards for “Down Stairs DJ.” Meg’s rhymes are too quick leaving the beat in the dust playing catch-up. It’s more of a lyrical exercise than album standout, meaning the p—y love story holds more of a filler role on the project.

  • "Find Out"

    Possibly the raunchiest track on the entire album. “Find Out” turns the temperature up a few notches with Megan Thee Stallion not being shy about her carnal desires and celebrating her voluptuous figure. “How I go from ghosting you to makin’ that dick disappear/I’m tryna f–k around and find out,” she raps. Meg makes it sound effortless, but “Find Out” straggles toward the middle of the pack.

  • "Mamushi" Feat. Yuki Chiba

    Megan taps in with the Japanese rap scene and probably opened herself up to another sector of hip-hop fans with her bi-lingual bars on “Mamushi,” which recruits Tokyo’s own Yuki Chiba (Kohh). The Houston rapper’s Duolingo lessons are paying off as she dishes out a few bars herself in Japanese. She’s really doing it all on this album, and “Mamushi” is a prime example of her versatility and proving no challenge is too big.

  • "Boa"

    Megan Thee Stallion continued with the serpentine-themed singles with “Boa” serving as the third and final release prior to the album, but the Gwen Stefani-sampling track didn’t measure up to the chart success or culture impact of “Hiss” or “Cobra.” Even though her artistry pulls in her in different creative directions, Meg’s always going to be about keeping hip-hop first. “Doin’ s–t for TikTok b—h, I’m really hip-hop,” she proclaims.

  • "Figueroa"

    Ominous production sets up Megan to let the chopper sing. She flexes her pen and fans are speculating that the opening verse finds the Houston Hottie snarling at Iggy Azalea, who wrote a letter in support of Tory Lanez during the shooting trial. “White b—h on the internet dissin’ Megan/ Black ghostwriter, what the f–k n—-s thinkin,” Meg raps.

  • "Otaku Hot Girl"

    Megan loves her anime and “Otaku Hot Girl” appears to be inspired by her trip to Japan and her passion for series like Jujutsu Kaisen. The starry production feels as if it recalls a similar sonic to Doja Cat’s “Juicy.” Thee Stallion is really showing off her entire repertoire throughout Megan, and this is another notch on her Gucci belt.

  • "B.A.S." Feat. Kyle Richh

    41’s Kyle Richh pops up for an unexpected rap collab on Megan. They mesh contrasting flows better than it would appear while picking up the pace surrounding the ’80s Tina Marie “Out On a Limb” sample. Meg throws dirt on her man, but then turns the mirror around and candidly admits she’s no angel either on the relationship front. “He lyin’ to me and I’m lyin’ to him/ F–k it, guess we both ain’t s–t,” she admits while defining the “B.O.A.” song title acronym.

  • "Rattle"

    Megan doesn’t let up on track No. 2 when addressing the haters. She’s rapping with another level of vociferousness and clearly had things to get off her chest with this project — a pivotal moment in her rising career. It’s the boisterous second verse that steals the show here and had fans buzzing about who exactly was in Meg’s crosshairs.

    “Damn, b—h, it been four years/ Worry ’bout your man and your kid/Your life must be borin’ as f*ck if you still reminiscin’ ’bout sh*t that we did/ And I ain’t worried ’bout the bitter b—h link-up/ Y’all ho– earned them seats in the fan club/ Ain’t got no tea on me, this ho think she TMZ,” she spews.

    Fans were split over who was getting sniped at. Some of the Barbz felt Nicki Minaj was under attack while others believed the bars were actually shots at her former BFF Kelsey Harris, who was with Meg the night Tory Lanez shot her in 2020.

    Megan after leaving the studio recording “Rattle”😭🔥🔥🔥 #MEGAN

    — theequeenstallion1👑Fan Account (@queen_stallion1) June 28, 2024

  • "Cobra"

    Megan saved the grungy “Cobra” for last as the official album closer, but it really was her first statements leading into her “rebirth” era (released November 2023). The 29-year-old is an open book — raw and unfiltered — while revealing the scars she suffered from losing parents, severed relationships, struggles with substance abuse, her deteriorating mental health and more.

  • "Broke His Heart"

    Tay Keith and Megan Thee Stallion are definitely a duo we need to hear from more. Sampling Jeezy’s inspirational “I Love It” is the music equivalent of slugging a Red Bull. Meg’s broke a few hearts over the years, and she’s ready to test the relationship waters again. Unfortunately, the short kings are not in luck as she prefers her men to be about well over six foot. “F–k the short talk, I like my n—a 6’6″,” she raps. Meg says she’s done with the rappers and is looking into dating an athlete. Since she name-drops the New York Knicks, perhaps MSG’s newest star Mikal Bridges (6’7″) could suffice?

  • "Accent" Feat. GloRilla

    At this point, nobody would oppose the idea of Megan Thee Stallion and her tour mate GloRilla joining forces for an EP or full-length project together. Muddy production takes a backseat as Meg brags about being “thicker” than her country accent. “Accent” probably won’t reach the commercial heights of the braggadocios “Wanna Be,” but it’s a worthy sequel.

  • "Paper Together" Feat. UGK

    A previously unreleased posthumous verse from the legendary Pimp C steals the show here. Megan has long paid tribute to one of her rap heroes, so it had to be a bucket list moment getting the late UGK icon on a dirty south record. Juicy J helms the crisp production while the Houston generations mesh promoting a message of financial literacy. “Rest in peace to the motherf—-g legend Pimp C/ Often imitated, never duplicated/ Highly-appreciated,” Meg gushes to give Pimp his flowers.

  • "Moody Girl"

    “Moody Girl” is exactly what the title insinuates. Thee Stallion lifts her rapper motif for a look into Megan Pete, who opens up about the relatable feeling of never being satisfied at times in life, even when situations should be set up for perfect success. With all the turbulence of the last few years, it seems Meg’s vulnerably admitting to still going through the motions of a superstar rapper, but not being emotionally available to indulge in all her superstar life has to offer.

  • "Hiss"

    After hearing what everyone had to say throughout the Tory Lanez shooting trial, it was Megan’s turn to speak up and she didn’t hold back. The Houston native came out of the gates swinging with the fiery “Hiss” to set the tone for her album and let the rap game know what type of time she was on. Fans ran with speculation that Thee Stallion took subliminal shots throughout “Hiss” at Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tory Lanez and more. Between the potent rhymes and chatter surrounding the track, “Hiss” earned Meg a solo debut atop the Hot 100.

  • "Miami Blue"

    An unlisted guest appearance from Big K.R.I.T. is always going to play well with the rap crowd, especially those raised on the blog era. From Texas to Mississippi, there’s something in the water leading to the droves of thick women walking around, and Meg and K.R.I.T. are on the case. Unlike some collabs in hip-hop, “Miami Blue” doesn’t feel forced at all with both rappers seemingly enjoying taking turns lyrically floating before passing the baton.

  • "Worthy"

    Megan makes a sharp right turn into the land of pop fantasies. Guitar strings create a playground for Meg to take her foot off the gas and try out more of her singing voice, as she brings her Texas pride to the table. “Worthy” sounds like something Katy Perry would’ve rode to the top of the charts circa 2010.

  • "Spin" Feat. Victoria Monét

    Megan made Victoria Monét feel right at home with the sensual “Spin” built around the Grammy-winning singer’s honeyed vocals. Thee Stallion taps into her Tina Snow alter-ego and things get steamy as the duo leaves guys wondering if what they’re looking at on the pole is real or fake. Reminiscent of her flow on 2019’s Ariana Grande-assisted “Monopoly,” Monét’s angelic singing leaves listeners in a trance before Meg returns for a knockout punch.

  • "Where Them Girls At?"

    This one’s for the strip club. Meg and LilJu reconnect for another booty-shaking hit as he slows the pace down with a thumping beat that’s reminiscent of something that had dance-rap fans and the south in a chokehold throughout the 2000s and into the ’10s. Ju took it back to the Vine era when sampling Kansas City native Kstylis’ 2013 regional anthem “Booty Me Down.” When the dust settles on Meg’s third LP, “Where Them Girls At?” could be the song that ultimately defines the album. One thing’s for sure, it’s guaranteed to be a bop when she hits the stage back on tour.

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Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Megan’ Album: All 18 Tracks Ranked (2024)
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