Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (2024)

Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (1)

What are the 256 area code phone numbers?

Area code 256, created on March 23, 1998, covers the northern part of Alabama, comprising major cities like Huntsville, Decatur, Florence, and Gadsden. It touches counties such as Blount, Calhoun, Cherokee, Dekalb, Franklin, Marshall, Talladega, and many more. It comes as a split from area code 256, indicating the region's evolution in telecommunications. In 2010, the northeastern portion of Alabama showcased further development with the introduction of area code 938, overlaying the existing 256 area. Huntsville, renowned as the Rocket City ties up with the 256 area code and is home to the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. This region possesses strategic connectivity, neighboring area codes 706/762 Augusta (GA), 256 Birmingham (AL), 931 Clarksville (TN), 423 Chattanooga (TN), 423/865 Knoxville (TN), and 662 Southaven (MS). Area code 938, easily integrated into the northern Alabama telecommunications landscape. Covering the same cities like Huntsville, Decatur, Florence, and Gadsden as Area code 256, it assures a continuous supply of telephone numbers for the increasing population and businesses.

How to Obtain a 256 Area Code Phone Number for Your Business?

We offer all the advanced features needed to help businesses explore a wide range of options to improve their communication. Our platform includes a user-friendly dashboard and a dedicated team available 24/7. Getting started with a local telephone number is simple with Vitel Global.

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First, visit the Vitel Global website and look for the 'Pricing' section to find 'Pricing and Plans' based on the number of users and features. Select the plan that suits you.


Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (4) Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (5)

Click the 'Get Started' button to be redirected to the sign-up form. After entering your details, you will receive an activation link at your registered email address. Verify your email ID, then sign in using your login details.


Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (6) Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (7)

Access your dashboard to check your account info, billing details, phone system, call reports, service requests, support, and PBX settings.


Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (8) Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (9)

In the dashboard, navigate to the ‘Billing Details’ section, access 'Billing Information', and select the invoices option to review, verify, and make payments based on the type of plan and features you have chosen.


Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (10) Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (11)

Our technical team is available 24/7 to tailor settings based on your business needs. You're now ready to make and receive calls from your local Alabama virtual phone number.


Why Is Area Code 256 Important for Businesses?

Area code 256 serves the northern section of Alabama, including cities like Huntsville, Decatur, Florence, and Gadsden, each supporting economic, cultural, and historical significance. 256 business phone numbers allow you to build a local presence in these cities, improving operations with advanced communication tools and extraordinary customer service. This strategy helps market growth by focusing on local customers and standing out from competitors.

The 256 area code supports a diverse economy, with key sectors such as technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and education contributing to its strength. Major employers include NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal, and major healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Alabama's population beyond five million is filled by institutions like the University of Alabama and Auburn University, supporting cultural and intellectual development. Area code 256 overlays area code 938, offering additional phone number choices to facilitate connectivity and development in northern Alabama.

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Benefits of 256 Area Code Phone Numbers

Area code 256 phone numbers help businesses establish a local presence in Huntsville, AL, effectively meeting their communication needs. Here's why 256 area code Alabama phone numbers are crucial for business success:

Build a local Presence

Customers tend to favor businesses that demonstrate a strong local presence. Having a local area code phone number builds trust and confidence among customers, making them more likely to engage with companies that possess local numbers.

Economical Communication Options

Customers can call businesses without worrying about high charges typically linked to international and long-distance calls using 256 area code phone numbers. This enables customers to make international calls at the cost of a local call, thereby increasing the likelihood of customer engagement and satisfaction.

Greater Flexibility and Community Connection

With 256 area code numbers, you can communicate with your teams, employees, clients, or vendors using any virtual phone system at your own pace. There are no limitations on the type of hardware phone system or the location where you use it. Vitel Global can help you get started in minutes.

Keep Business and Personal Numbers Separate

Vitel Global provides a local 256 business phone number with an external display ID. You can easily identify the caller on your device and respond to the call with a message, call, or video meeting accordingly.

Effective Call Management

256 area code numbers help your business effectively manage calls. With Vitel Global, you have options such as call flipping, call forwarding, call parking, call stacking, call monitoring, call delegation, call screening, one-touch calling, call logs, automatic call recording, caller ID, and many more.

Get More from Your 256 Area Code Phone Number

Vitel Global understands what elevates your communication system to top-rated. Hence, we offer advanced features designed to make your communication more efficient.

Get your number now!

What Advantages Does a Vitel Global 256 Area Code Phone Number Offer to Empower Your Business?

Vitel Global offers a business phone number that grants access to a city recognized by Forbes as one of the "Best Places for Business and Careers." This option includes an efficient communication platform at competitive prices.

Get Started in Minutes

Once you sign up with us, you can easily navigate the process of selecting a local telephone number for your business and tailor it according to your needs.

Diverse Collection of Business Telephone Numbers

You can easily add multiple local 256 area code Alabama phone numbers for use by teams, employees, or different locations instantly. Select from diverse virtual phone numbers in the USA with just a click.

No Need for Additional Hardware Phone System

You can manage all communication from your existing hardware phone system; without the need for additional hardware setup. You can make and receive calls from your mobile, laptop, computer, or any other smart device, provided you have an internet connection.

Keep Your Personal Number Private

You can easily distinguish between private and business calls, and accordingly, you can respond to calls outside of business hours. Vitel Global's advanced telephony solutions equip businesses with powerful tools to enhance business performance within the 256 area code.

Improved Customer Experience

Customizing your 256 area code number menu to fit your business needs is simple with the Vitel Global dashboard. Effortlessly manage calls using features such as call forwarding, call flipping, call stacking, and much more. This enables you to handle communication across various modes from a single location and manage your communication history. You can maintain business hours, customize caller IDs, send voicemail greetings, automate responses, and more.

Get a 256 Area Code Phone Number to Build an Alabama Local Presence

With a local 256 area code Alabama number, you can confidently reach local customers in the Huntsville, AL, area. Local numbers are generally more accepted than international ones, and you can have as many local numbers as necessary for your business.

Port Your 256 Area Code Phone Number to Vitel Global in a Few Steps

Do you want to port your 256 business phone number? You can seamlessly transfer your local virtual phone number in the USA to Vitel Global without losing your current number. Take advantage of our sophisticated porting service to access advanced VoIP features while keeping your existing 256 area code Alabama phone numbers for your business.

Port your number today

FAQs About 256 Area Code Phone Numbers

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Excellent customer service is offered by Vitel Global Communications, and their communicational tools perform well. It is simple to understand and employ. My organization in New York City began utilizing Vitel Global a few years ago after conducting a thorough investigation into Cloud VoIP Services.

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I have been with Vitel Global Communications for three years. They have excellent customer service and flexibility. Anything about VoIP is always welcome from them.

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Get a 256 Area Code Business Phone Number in Alabama (2024)
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