Full Test - NEET PYQs (2024)

Botany - Section A

1. Nitrates and phosphates flowing from agricultural farms into water bodies are a significant cause of:



What is the reason for the formation of embryoids from pollen grain in tissue culture medium?
1. Cellular totipotency
2. Organogenesis
3. Double fertilization
4. Test tube culture


The label of a herbarium sheet does not carry information on:
1. date of collection
2. name of collector
3. local names
4. height of the plant


Which of the following flowers only once in its lifetime?
1. Bamboo species
2. Jackfruit
3. Mango
4. Papaya

5. An organic substance that can withstand environmental extremes and cannot be degraded by any enzyme is:1. Cuticle
2. Sporopollenin
3. Lignin
4. Cellulose


Which of the following bacteria reduce nitrate in soil into nitrogen?
1. Nitrobacter
2. Thiobacillus
3. Nitrococcus
4. Nitrosomonas


Guttation is the result of:
1. Root pressure
2. Diffusion
3. Transpiration
4. Osmosis


Identify the cytochrome which acts as a mobile carrier for the transfer of electrons between complex III and IV?

1.Cytochrome a2.Cytochrome a3
3.Cytochrome b c14.Cytochrome c


Sacred groves are especially useful in:
1. preventing soil erosion
2. year-round flow of water in rivers
3. conserving rare and threatened species
4. generating environmental awareness


The process which makes a major difference between C3 and C4 plants is:

1.glycolysis2.Calvin cycle


The rate of decomposition is faster in the ecosystem due to the following factors, except:

1.Detritus rich in sugars
2.Warm and moist environment
3.Presence of aerobic soil microbes
4.Detritus richer in lignin and chitin


Azolla is used in the cultivation of:


13. The chromosomal theory of inheritance was proposed by:
1. Thomas Morgan
2. Sutton and Boveri
3. Gregor Mendel
4. Robert Brown


Which one of the following is heterosporous?


15. Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) refers to:
1. Certain important expressed genes.
2. All genes that are expressed as RNA.
3. All genes that are expressed as proteins.
4. All genes whether expressed or unexpressed

16. Consider the following tissues in the stellar region of a stem showing secondary growth.
(A) Primary xylem
(B) Secondary xylem
(C) Primary phloem
(D) Secondary phloem
Arrange these in the correct sequence of their position from pith towards cortex.

1.(A), (B), (D), (C)2.(B), (A), (C), (D)
3.(A), (B), (C), (D)4.(B), (A), (D), (C)


Which one of the following sets of items in options 1 – 4 are correctly categorized with one exception in it?

1.Kangaroo, Koala, wombatAustralian marsupialsWombat
2.Plasmodium, Cuscuta, TrypanosomaProtozoan parasitesCuscuta
3.Typhoid, Pneumonia, DiphtheriaBacterial diseasesDiphtheria
4.UAA, UAG, UGAStop codonsUAG


At which stage of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur:
1. G1 - phase
2. S - phase
3. G2 - phase
4. M - phase


Ray florets have:

1.Superior ovary2.Hypogynous ovary
3.Half-inferior ovary4.Inferior ovary


In plant breeding programmes, the entire collection (of plants/seeds) having all the diverse alleles for all genes in a given crop is called:

1.cross-hybridisation among the selected parents
2.evaluation and selection of parents
3.germplasm collection
4.selection of superior recombinants


The process of individuals of the same species that have come into the habitat from elsewhere during the time period under consideration is referred as:
1. Association
2. Emigration
3. Competition
4. Immigration


Root development is promoted by:
1. Auxin
2. Gibberellin
3. Ethylene
4. Abscisic acid


The size of Pleuro Pneumonia Like Organism (PPLO) is:
1. 0.02 μm
2. 1-2 μm
3. 10-20 μm
4. 0.1 μm


Which one of the following statements is correct?

1.Extensive use of chemical fertilizers may lead to eutrophication of nearby water bodies
2.Both Azotobacter and Rhizobium in root nodules of plants
3.Cyanobacteria such as Anabaena and Nostoc are important mobilizers of phosphates
and potassium for plant nutrition in the soil
4.At present it is not possible to grow maize without chemical fertilizers


A protoplast is a cell:
1. Without plasma membrane
2. Without nucleus
3. Undergoing division
4. Without cell wall


The contrasting characteristics generally in a pair used for identification of animals in Taxonomic Key are referred to as:
1. Lead
2. Couplet
3. Doublet
4. Alternate


Which of the following plants is monoecious?
1. Marchantia polymorpha
2. Cycas circinalis
3. Carica papaya
4. Chara


Which one of the following statements is not true?

1.Pollen grains are rich in nutrients and they are used in the
form of tablets and syrups
2.Pollen grains of some plants cause severe allergies and
bronchial afflictions in some people
3.The flowers pollinated by flies and beetlessecrete foul odour
to attract them
4.Honey is made by bees by digesting pollen collected from

29. In which of the following, all three are macronutrients?
1. Iron, copper, molybdenum
2. Molybdenum, magnesium, manganese
3. Nitrogen, zinc, manganese
4. Nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus


A column of water within xylem vessels of tall trees does not break under its weight because of?
1. Dissolved sugar in water
2. Tensile strength of water
3. Lignification of xylem vessels
4. Positive root pressure


In which one of the following do the two names refer to one and the same thing:
1. Kreb's cycle and Calvin cycle
2. Tricarboxylic acid cycle and citric acid cycle
3. Citric acid cycle and Calvin cycle
4. Tricarboxylic acid cycle and urea cycle


Species Area relationship is described by the following equation.
log S = log C + Z log A
where Z is:
1. Area
2. Species richness
3. Slope of the line
4. Y-intercept


The first stable product of CO2 fixation in sorghum is:
1. Succinic acid
2. Phosphoglyceric acid
3. Pyruvic acid
4. Oxaloacetic acid

34. The species that come to appear in bare area are called:
1. Pioneer species
2. Invasive species
3. Competitive species
4. Species of seral community


Which one of the following microbes forms a symbiotic association with plants and helps them in their nutrition?
1. Azotobacter
2. Aspergillus
3. Glomus
4. Trichoderma

Botany - Section B


Number of base pairs in human chromosomes are:

37. Given below are two statements:

Statement I:Decomposition is a process in which the detritus is degraded into simpler substances by microbes.
Statement II:Decomposition is faster if the detritus is rich in lignin and chitin.

In light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1.Statement I is incorrect but Statement II is correct.
2.Both Statement I and Statement II are correct.
3.Both Statement I and Statement II are incorrect.
4.Statement I is correct but Statement II is incorrect.

38. Which of the following combinations is required for chemiosmosis?

1.Proton pump, electron gradient, NADP synthase.
2.Membrane, proton pump, proton gradient, ATP synthase.
3.Membrane, proton pump, proton gradient, NADP synthase
4.Proton pump, electron gradient, ATP synthase


During which stage in the complete oxidation of glucose are the greatest number of ATP molecules formed from ADP:
1. Glycolysis
2. Krebs cycle
3. Electron transport chain
4. Conversion of pyruvic acid to acetyl CoA


Pollination in water hyacinth and water lily is brought about by the agency of:

1.water2.insects or wind


During sewage treatment, biogases are produced which include:
1. methane, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide
2. hydrogen sulphide, methane, sulphur dioxide
3. hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, methane
4. methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide


Point mutation involves:
1. insertion
2. change in single base pair
3. duplication
4. deletion


Select the correct statements related to the activity of cork cambium:

1.The outer cells differentiate into phelloderm.
2.The cork differentiated from cork cambium, is impervious to water due to deposition of tannins and resins.
3.Cuts the cells only on the outer side.
4.Cuts the cells on inner as well as outer side.


Best defined function of manganese in green plants is :
1. Photolysis of water
2. Calvin cycle
3. Nitrogen fixation
4. Water absorption


The difference in gram ⊕ and gramΘ bacteria is due to:
1. Cell wall
2. Cell membrane
3. Ribosome
4. Cytoplasm


Match List - I with List - II

List - IList - II
(a) Protoplast fusion(i) Totipotency
(b) Plant tissue culture(ii) Pomato
(c) Meristem culture(iii) Somaclones
(d) Micropropagation(iv) Virus free plants

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:



Cell elongation in internodal regions of the green plants takes place due to:

3.Ethylene4.Indole acetic acid


Asymptote in a logistic growth curve is obtained when:
1. K = N
2. K > N
3. K < N
4. The value of 'r' approaches zero


In ginger vegetative propagation occurs through:

1. rhizome
2. offsets
3. bulbils
4. runners


Which of the following survives a temperature of 104 to106°C?
1. Marine Archaebacteria
2. Hot water spring thermophiles
3. Seeds of angiosperms
4. Eubacteria

Zoology - Section A

51. Brain stem of the human brain consists of:
1. Mid-brain, Pons and Medulla Oblongata
2. Forebrain, Cerebellum and Pons
3. Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Corpora quadrigemina
4. Amygdala, Hippocampus and Corpus Callosum


ATPase enzyme needed for muscle contraction is located in:
1. Troponin
2. Myosin
3. Actin
4. Actinin

53. Match List-I with List-II:


Choose the correct answer from the options given below :



The correct order of steps in Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is:

1. Extension, Denaturation, Annealing
2. Annealing, Extension, Denaturation
3. Denaturation, Extension, Annealing
4. Denaturation, Annealing, Extension


Read the following four statements (I-IV):

I.Colostrum is recommended for the newborn because it is rich in antigen
II.Chikungunya is caused by a Gram-negative bacterium
III.Tissue culture has proved useful in obtaining virus-free plants
IV.Beer is manufactured by distillation of fermented grape juice

How many of the above statements are wrong?
1. Three
2. Four
3. One
4. Two


Air bladder is found in :



Terrestrial adaptations necessitated the production of :

1.Highly toxic nitrogenous wastes like urea and uric acid
2.Lesser toxic nitrogenous wastes like urea and uric acid
3.Lesser toxic nitrogenous wastes like ammonia and urea
4.Highly toxic nitrogenous wastes like ammonia and urea


Which of the following cannot be detected in a developing foetus by amniocentesis?
1. Sex of the foetus
2. Down syndrome
3. Jaundice
4. Klinefelter syndrome


Which one of the following is the correct statement for respiration in humans?

1.Cigarette smoking may lead to inflammation of the bronchi
2.Neural signals from the pneumotaxic centre in the pons region of the brain can increase the duration of inspiration
3.Workers in grinding and stone-breaking industries may suffer from lung fibrosis
4.About 90% of carbon dioxide (CO2) is carried by haemoglobin as carbaminohaemoglobin


Select the correct matching of a hormone, its source and its function:

Adrenal medullaIncreases heartbeat,
rate of respiration and
2.GlucagonBeta-cells of
Islets of
Regulates growth of
mammary glands and
milk formation in
Increases loss of
water through urine


Which one of the following is now being commercially produced by biotechnological procedures:
1. Morphine
2. Quinine
3. Insulin
4. Nicotine

62. Choose the correct statements :

(a)Bones support and protect softer tissues and organs
(b)Weight bearing function is served by limb bones
(c)Ligament is the site of production of blood cells
(d)Adipose tissue is specialised to store fats
(e)Tendons attach one bone to another

Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below :

1. (a), (b) and (d) only2. (b), (c) and (e) only
3. (a), (c) and (d) only4. (a), (b) and (e) only


Arteries are best defined as the vessels which:

1.carry blood away from the heart to different organs
2.break up into capillaries which reunite to form a vein
3.carry blood from one visceral organ to another visceral organ
4.supply oxygenated blood to the different organs


Which one of the following is the most likely root cause of why menstruation is not taking place in regularly cycling human female?

1.Fertilization of the ovum
2.Maintenance of the hypertrophicalendometrial lining
3.Maintenance of high concentration ofsex-hormones in the blood stream
4.Retention of well-developed corpus luteum


If for some reason our goblet cells are non-functional, this will adversely affect:
1. production of somatostatin
2. secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands
3. maturation of sperms
4. smooth movement of food down the intestine


Flippers of Penguins and Dolphins are examples of:

1.Convergent evolution2.Industrial melanism
3.Natural selection4.Adaptive radiation

67. Match List-I with List-II

(a)Multipolar neuron(i)Somatic neural system
(b)Bipolar neuron(ii)Cerebral cortex
(c)Myelinated nerve fibre(iii)Retina of Eye
(d)Unmyelinated nerve fibre(iv)Spinal nerves

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:


68. Three types of muscles are given as a, b and c. Identify the correct matching pair along with their location in human body:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (1)
Name of muscle/location

1.(a) Skeletal - Triceps
(b) Smooth - Stomach
(c) Cardiac - Heart
2.(a) Skeletal - Biceps
(b) Involuntary - Intestine
(c) Smooth - Heart
3.(a) Involuntary - Nose tip
(b) Skeletal - Bone
(c) Cardiac - Heart
4.(a) Smooth - Toes
(b) Skeletal - Legs
(c) Cardiac - Heart


The essential chemical components of many coenzymes are:
1. Nucleic acid
2. Carbohydrates
3. Vitamins
4. Proteins


Restriction endonuclease:
1. cuts the DNA molecule randomly
2. cuts the DNA molecule at specific sites
3. restricts the synthesis of DNA inside the nucleus
4. synthesis DNA


What is a vaccine:
1. Treated bacteria, virus & protein
2. Treated algae
3. Treated fungi
4. Treated plasmodium


Which of the following characteristic features always hold true for the corresponding group of animals?

(b)Possess a mouth with an upper and a lower jaw(2)Chordata
(c)3- chambered heart with one incompletely divided ventricle(3)Reptilia
(d)Cartilaginous - Endoskeleton(4)Chondrichthyes

1. a
2. b
3. c
4. d


Which one of the following statement with regards to the excretion by the human kidneys iscorrect?

1.Descending limb of Loop of Henle is impermeable to water
2.Distal convoluted tubule is incapable of reabsorbing HCO3
3.Nearly 99 per cent of the glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed
by the renal tubules
4.Ascending limb of Loop of Henle is impermeable to electrolytes


Tubectomy is a method of sterilization in which:
1. small part of the fallopian tube is removed or tied up.
2. ovaries are removed surgically
3. small part of vas deferens is removed or tied up
4. uterus is removed surgically


Match the items given Column I with those in Column II and select the correct option given below:

Column IColumn II
(a)Tidal volume(i)2500-3000 mL
(b)Inspiratory Reserve(ii)1100-1200 mL volume
(c)Expiratory Reserve(iii)500-550 mL volume
(d)Residual volume(iv)1000-1100 mL


Which one of the following pair correctly matches a hormone with a disease resulting from its deficiency:
1. Insulin – Diabetes insipidus
2. Thyroxine – Tetany
3. Parathyroid hormone – Diabetes mellitus
4. Luteinizing hormone – Failure of ovulation


Genetic engineering has been successfully used for producing:

1.transgenic mice for testing the safety of polio
vaccine before use in humans
2.transgenic models for studying new
treatments for certain cardiac disease
3.transgenic Cow-Rosie which produces
high-fat milk for making ghee
4.Animals like bulls for farm work as
they have super power


Tegmina in co*ckroach, arises from :

1. Prothorax and Mesothorax2. Prothorax
3. Mesothorax4. Metathorax


Person with blood group AB is considered as universal recipient because he has:

1.both A and B antigens on RBC but no antibodies in the plasma
2.both A and B antibodies in the plasma
3.no antigen on RBC and no antigens in the plasma
4.both A and B antigens in the plasma but no antibodies


Which of the following hormones is not a secretion product of the human placenta:
1. Prolactin
2. Estrogen
3. Progesterone
4. Human chorionic gonadotropin


In the stomach, gastric acid is secreted by the?
1. oxyntic cells
2. peptic cells
3. acidic cells
4. gastrin secreting cells


Which one of the following describes correctly the hom*ologous structures:

1.Organs with anatomical similarities, but performing different functions
2.Organs with anatomical dissimilarities but performing the same function
3.Organs that have no function now, but had an important function in ancestors
4.Organs appear only in the embryonic stage and disappear later in the adult

83. Which of the following structures or regions is incorrectly paired with its function?

Column IColumn II
1.Medulla oblongatacontrols respiration and cardiovascular reflexes.
2.Limbic systemconsists of fibre tracts that interconnect different regions of brain; controls movement.
3.Hypothalamusproduction of releasing hormones and regulation of temperature, hunger and thirst.
4.Corpus callosumband of fibers connecting left and right cerebral hemispheres.

84. Given below are two statements:

Assertion(A):Osteoporosis is characterised by decreased bone mass and increased chances of fractures.
Reason(R):Common cause of osteoporosis is increased levels of estrogen.

In the light of the above statements, choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below:

1.(A) is not correct but (R) is correct.
2.Both (A) and (R) are correct and (R) is the correct explanation of (A).
3.Both (A) and (R) are correct but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).
4.(A) is correct but (R) is not correct.

85. The catalytic cyclic of an enzyme action is described as:
A. Enzyme releases products of the reaction and gets free.
B. Substrate induces the enzyme to alter its shape.
C. The substrate binds with the active site of the enzyme.
D. Enzymes-product complex is formed.
1.\(\mathrm C \rightarrow \mathrm B \rightarrow \mathrm A \rightarrow \mathrm D\)
2.\(\mathrm{C} \rightarrow \mathrm{B} \rightarrow \mathrm{D} \rightarrow \mathrm{A}\)
3.\(\mathrm B \rightarrow \mathrm C \rightarrow \mathrm D \rightarrow \mathrm A\)
4.\(\mathrm D \rightarrow \mathrm C \rightarrow \mathrm A \rightarrow \mathrm B\)

Zoology - Section B

86. Figure shows blood circulation in humans with labels A to D. Select the option which gives correct identification of label and functions of the part:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (2)

1.B - Capillary - thin without muscle layers and well two-cell thick
2.C - Vein - thin-walled and blood flows in jerks./spurts
3.D - Pulmonary vein - takes oxygenated blood to heart PO2=95 mm Hg
4.A - Artery- thick-walled and blood flows evenly

87. Given below are two statements:

I:Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is another specialized procedure ofin-vivofertilization.
II:Infertility cases due to the inability of the male partner to inseminate the female can be corrected by artificial insemination (AI)

In light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below:
1. Statement I is correct but Statement II is false
2. Statement I is incorrect but Statement II is true
3. Both Statement I and Statement II are true
4. Both Statement I and Statement II are false


Which one of the following is the correct statement regarding the particular psychotropic drug specified?

1.Hashish causes alter thought perceptions and hallucinations.
2.Opium stimulates the nervous system and causes hallucinations.
3.Morphine leads to delusions and disturbed emotions.
4.Barbiturates cause relaxation and temporary euphoria.


Neuroglial cells are associated with:
1. Heart
2. Kidney
3. Brain
4. Eyes


Which of the following are used in gene cloning:
1. Lomasomes
2. Mesosomes
3. Plasmids
4. Nucleoids

91. Given below are statements:

Statement I:In the nephron, the descending limb of loop of Henle is impermeable to water and permeable to electrolytes.
Statement II:The proximal convoluted tubule is lined by simple columnar brush border epithelium and increases the surface area for reabsorption.

In the light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below :
1. Both Statement I and Statement II are False
2. Statement I is True but Statement II is False
3. Statement I is False but Statement II is True
4. Both Statement I and Statement II are True


Which of the following terms describe human dentition?

1. Thecodont, Diphyodont, hom*odont
2. Thecodont, Diphyodont, Heterodont
3. Pleurodont, Monophyodont, hom*odont
4. Pleurodont, Diphyodont, Heterodont


Which of the following are not polymeric?

3.Lipids4.Nucleic acids

94. Which of the following animals has three chambered heart?



After about how many years of the formation of the earth, life appeared on this planet?
1. 500 billion years
2. 50 million years
3. 500 million years
4. 50 billion years

96. During muscle contraction in humans the:
1. Sarcomere does not shorten
2. A band remains the same
3. A, H and I bands shorten
4. Actin filaments shorten


Which of the following statements is not correct?

1.The proinsulin has an extra peptide called C-peptide
2.Functional insulin has A and B chains linked together by hydrogen bonds.
3.Genetically engineered insulin is produced in E. Coli.
4.In man, insulin is synthesized as proinsulin.


Tidal Volume and Expiratory Reserve Volume of an athlete is 500 mL and 1000 mL respectively. What will be his Expiratory Capacity if the Residual Volume is 1200 mL?

1.2700 mL2.1500 mL
3.1700 mL4.2200 mL


Which of the following is a steroid hormone?


Match List - I with List - II regarding sensory organs in human.

List - IList - II
(a) Organ of corti(i) Photo receptors
(b) Nasal mucosa(ii) Gustatory receptors
(c) Taste buds(iii) Auditory receptors
(d) Retina(iv) Olfactory receptors

Choose the correct answer from the option given below


Chemistry - Section A


In humans, the main oxygen carrier in the blood is -
1. Hemocyanin
2. Proteins
4. Both microorganisms and haemoglobin.


In context with beryllium, which one of the following statements is incorrect?
1. It is rendered passive by nitric acid
2. It formsBe2C
3. Its salts rarely hydrolyze
4. Its hydride is electron-deficient and polymeric


Copper crystallizes in a face-centered cubic lattice with a unit cell length of 361 pm. The radius of the copper atom is:
1. 128 pm
2. 157 pm
3. 181 pm
4. 108 pm


For the reaction:
\(C_{3} H_{8} \left(\right. g \left.\right) + 5 O_{2} \left(\right. g \left.\right) \rightarrow 3 CO_{2} \left(\right. g \left.\right) + 4 H_{2} O \left(\right. l \left.\right)\)atconstant temperature, ∆H – ∆E is:

1.+ RT2.– 3RT
3.+ 3RT4.– RT

105. Among Group 16 elements, which one does NOT show -2 oxidation state?
1. Se
2. Te
3. Po
4. O

106. The product that cannot be formed in the following reaction is:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (3)

1.Full Test - NEET PYQs (4)
2.Full Test - NEET PYQs (5)
3.Full Test - NEET PYQs (6)
4.Full Test - NEET PYQs (7)


Which of the following forms cationic micelles above a certain concentration:
1. Sodium acetate
2. Urea
3. Cetyl trimethylammonium chloride
4. Sodium dodecyl sulphonate

108. Given below are two statements:

Statement I:Benzendiazonium chloride is a colourless crystalline solid. It is insoluble in water but reacts with water when warmed.
Statement II:Benzendiazonium chloride on reactingwith HCI inpresence of copper powder gives chlorobenzene as the product. This is an example of Gatterman reaction.

In the light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the option given below:
1. Both Statement I and Statement II is true.
2.Both Statement I and Statement II is false.
3. Statement I is true but Statement II is false.
4.Statement I is false but Statement II is true.


The end product (C) in the below-mentioned reaction is:
\(H_3C-Br\xrightarrow{\bf KCN }A\xrightarrow{ \bf H_3O^+~~}B\xrightarrow[\bf\text{Ether}]{~~LiAlH_4~~}C\)

1. Acetone
2. Methane
3. Acetaldehyde
4. Ethyl alcohol


pπ-dπ bonding is present in:


A gas that can readilydecolorize an acidified KMnO4 solution is:

112. At 100 °C the Kw of water is 55 times its value at 25ºC. What will be the pH of a neutral solution?
(log 55 = 1.74)


During osmosis, the flow of water through a semi-permeable membrane is:

1.From a solution having higher concentration only.
2.From both sides of the semi-permeable membrane with equal flow rates.
3.From both sides of the semi-permeable membrane with unequal flow rates.
4.From a solution having lower concentration only.

114. During the preparation of Mohr's salt solution (Ferrous ammonium sulphate), which of the following acid is added to prevent hydrolysis of Fe2+ion?
1. Concentrated sulphuric acid
2. Dilute nitric acid
3. Dilute sulphuric acid
4. Dilute hydrochloric acid


Compound 'A' on chlorination gives compound 'B'. 'B' reacts with alc. KOH to give gas 'C' which decolorizes Baeyer reagent. Ozonolysis of compound 'C' gives only HCHO compound. Compound 'A' is

1.C2 H62.C2H4


Maximum deviation from ideal gas is expected from:
1. N2(g)
2. CH4(g)
3. NH3(g)
4. H2(g)


The straight-chain polymer is formed by:

1.Hydrolysis ofCH3SiCl3followed by condensation polymerization.
2.Hydrolysis of(CH3)3SiClfollowed by condensation polymerization.
3.Hydrolysis of(CH3)4Sibyaddition polymerization.
4.Hydrolysis of(CH3)2SiCl2followed bycondensation polymerization.


Among the elements Ca, Mg, P and Cl, the correct order of increasing atomic radii is:
1. Cl < P < Mg < Ca
2. P < Cl < Ca < Mg
3. Ca < Mg < P < Cl
4. Mg < Ca < Cl < P


The right option for the statement "Tyndall effect is exhibited by", is:
1.Starch solution
2.Urea solution
3.NaCl solution
4.Glucose solution


Among the following, the one that is not a greenhouse gas is:
1. Sulphur dioxide
2. Nitrous oxide
3. Methane
4. Ozone


Consider the following sets of quantum numbers:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (8)
Which of the following sets of quantum numbers is not possible?
1. ii, iii, and iv
2. i, ii, iii, and iv
3. ii, iv and v
4. i and iii


A non-feasible reaction among the following is:


Some statements about water are given below:

(a)Heavy water is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors.
(b)Heavy water is more associated than ordinary water.
(c)Heavy water is a more effective solvent than ordinary water.

Which of the above statements are correct?
1. (a), (b), and (c)
2. (b) and (c)
3. (a) and (c)
4. (a) and (b)


The most reactive compound among the following for electrophilic aromatic substitution is:

1.Full Test - NEET PYQs (9)2.Full Test - NEET PYQs (10)
3.Full Test - NEET PYQs (11)4.Full Test - NEET PYQs (12)


The pressure of H2required to make the potential of H2- electrode zero in pure water at 298 K is:



Which of the following reactions is an example of a nucleophilic substitution reaction?
1. RX + KOH→ ROH + KX
2. 2RX + 2Na→R — R + 2NaX
3. RX + H2→RH + HX
4. RX + Mg→RMg X

127. Match List-I with List-II

List- I(ores)List- II (Composition)
(b) Magnetite(ii)\(ZnCO_3\)

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:



Which of the following species is not stable?


The complexes [Co(NH3)6][Cr(CN)6] and [Cr(NH3)6][Co(CN)6]show:
1. Ionisation isomerism
2. Co-ordination isomerism
3. Geometrical isomerism
4. Linkage isomerism


92U235, nucleus absorb a neutron and disintegrate in 54Xe139, 38Sr94 and x . The product x is:
1. 3 - neutrons
2. 2 - neutrons
3. α - particle
4. β - particle

131. Nitrogen detection in an organic compound iscarried out by Lassaigne's test. The blue colour formed corresponds to which of the followingformulae:


The mass of carbon anode consumed (giving only carbon dioxide) in the production of 270 kg of aluminum metal from bauxite by the Hall process is:
1. 90 kg
2. 540 kg
3. 180 kg
4. 270 kg
(Atomic mass : Al = 27)


The base found in DNA but not in RNA:


134. Match List-I with List-II.

(a)Li(i)absorbent for carbon dioxide
(b)Na(ii)electrochemical cells
(c)KOH(iii)coolant in fast breeder reactors
(d)Cs(iv)photoelectric cell

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:


135. Copper crystallises in fcc unit cell with a cell edge length of\(3.608 \times 10^{-8}\)cm. The density of copper is\(8.92 \ g ~cm^{-3}\). The atomic mass of copper is:
1. 65 u
2. 63.1 u
3. 31.55 u
4. 60 u

Chemistry - Section B


Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, emits which of the following particles?
1. Gamma(γ)
2. Neutron (n)
3. Betaβ-
4. Alpha(α)


Which one of the following compounds is a peroxide?
3. MnO2


The number of d -electrons in Fe2+atomic number Z = 26 is different from the number of:
1. s-electrons in Mg (Z = 12)
2. p-electrons in Cl (Z = 17)
3. d-electrons in Fe (Z = 26)
4. p-electrons in Ne (Z = 10)


The ionic species that has the greatest proton affinity to form stable compound is:


Match the element in Column I with that in Column II.

(b)Fluorine(ii)Transition metal

141. The incorrect statement among the following for an ideal solution is:
1. \(\Delta H_{\text{Mix}}=0\)
2. \(\Delta U_{\text{Mix}}=0\)
3. \(\Delta P=P_{\text{obs.}}-P_{\text{(Calculated by Raoult's law)}}=0\)
4. \(\Delta G_{\text{Mix}}=0\)


Best description of the behavior of bromine in the reaction given below is:
1. Both oxidized and reduced
2. Oxidized only
3. Reduced only
4. Proton acceptor only


A compounds that can show both, Frenkel as well as Schottky defects is -
1. AgBr
2. AgI
3. NaCl
4. ZnS

144. Which one of the following is not a calcination reaction?
1.\(\mathrm{ZnCO}_3 \xrightarrow[]{\Delta} \mathrm{ZnO}+\mathrm{CO}_2\)
2. \(\mathrm{Fe}_2 \mathrm{O}_3 \cdot \mathrm{xH}_2 \mathrm{O} \stackrel{\Delta}{\longrightarrow} \mathrm{Fe}_2 \mathrm{O}_3+\mathrm{xH}_2 \mathrm{O}\)
3. \(\mathrm{CaCO}_3 \cdot \mathrm{MgCO}_3 \stackrel{\Delta}{\longrightarrow} \mathrm{CaO}+\mathrm{MgO}+2 \mathrm{CO}_2\)
4. \(\mathrm{CaCO}_3+2 \mathrm{HCl} \stackrel{\Delta}{\longrightarrow} \mathrm{CaCl}_2+\mathrm{H}_2 \mathrm{O}+\mathrm{CO}_2\)

145. Identify the product in the following reaction:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (13)

1.Full Test - NEET PYQs (14)2.Full Test - NEET PYQs (15)
3.Full Test - NEET PYQs (16)4.Full Test - NEET PYQs (17)

146. Identify the correct reagents that would bring about the following transformation.

Full Test - NEET PYQs (18)
1.\(\text { (i) } \mathrm{BH}_3\)
\((ii) \mathrm{H}_2 \mathrm{O}_2 / \stackrel{\ominus}{\mathrm{OH}}\)
\(\text { (iii) } \mathrm{P C C}\)
2.\(\text { (i) } \mathrm{BH}_3\)
\((ii) \mathrm{H}_2 \mathrm{O}_2 / \stackrel{\ominus}{\mathrm{OH}}\)
\(\text { (iii) alk. } \mathrm{KMnO}_4\)
\(\text { (iv) } \mathrm{H}_3 \mathrm{O}^{+}\)
3.\(\text { (i) } \mathrm{H}_2 \mathrm{O} / \mathrm{H}^{+}\)
\(\text { (ii) } \mathrm{P C C}\)
4.\(\text { (i) } \mathrm{H}_2 \mathrm{O} / \mathrm{H}^{+}\)
\(\text { (ii) } \mathrm{CrO}_3\)


The incorrect statement among the following is:
1. SnF4 is ionic in nature.
2. PbF4 is covalent in nature.
3. SiCl4 is easily hydrolysed.
4. GeX4 (X = F, Cl, Br, I) is more stable than GeX2

148. Which statement is not true about photochemical smog?

1.Photochemical smog is harmful to humans but has no effect on plants.
2.Plants like Pinus, Juniparus can help in reducing the photochemical smog.
3.Photochemical smog occurs in warm, dry, and sunny climates.
4.Common components of photochemical smog are ozone, nitric oxide, acrolein, formaldehyde, and peroxyacetyl nitrate.


Which of the following is an analgesic?
1. Penicillin
2. Streptomycin
3. Chloromycetin
4. Novalgin


The correct statement regarding the comparison of staggered and eclipsed conformations of ethane is:

1.The eclipsed conformation of ethane is more stable than staggered conformation because eclipsed conformation has no torsional strain.
2.The eclipsed conformation of ethane is more stable than staggered conformation even though the eclipsed conformation has a torsional strain.
3.The staggered conformation of ethane is more stable than eclipsed conformation because staggered conformation has no torsional strain.
4.The staggered conformation of ethane is less stable than eclipsed conformation because staggered conformation has a torsional strain.

Physics - Section A


A wire of a certain material is stretched slowly by ten percent, it's new resistance and specific resistance become, respectively:

1. 1.2 times, 1.1 times
2. 1.21 times, same
3. both remain the same
4. 1.1 times, 1.1 times


Two charges q1 and q2 are placed 30 cm apart, as shown in the figure. A third charge q3 is moved along the arc of a circle of radius 40 cm from C to D. The change in the potential energy of the system is q34π0k , where k is:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (19).
1. 8q2
2. 6q2
3. 8q1
4. 6q1

153. A logic circuit provides the output \(Y\) as per the following truth table:


The expression for the output \(Y\) is :
1.\(A \cdot \overline{B}+\overline{A} \)
2.\(\overline{B} \)
3.\(B \)
4.\(A \cdot B+\overline{A}\)

154. If an electron in a hydrogen atom jumps from the \(3^{\text{rd}}\) orbit to the \(2^{\text{nd}}\) orbit, it emits a photon of wavelength\(\lambda\). When it jumps from the \(4^{\text{th}}\) orbit to the \(3^{\text{rd}}\) orbit, the corresponding wavelength of the photon will be:



A particle of mass m is projected with velocity v making an angle of 45° with the horizontal. When the particle lands on level ground, the magnitude of change in its momentum will be:
4. zero

156. An iron bar of length \(\mathrm L\) has magnetic moment \(\mathrm M.\)It is bent at the middle of its length such that the two arms make an angle \(60^\circ\)with each other. The magnetic moment of this new magnet is:
1.\( \mathrm M \over 2\)
2. \( \mathrm {2 M}\)
4. \(\mathrm M\)

157. A horizontal ray of light is incident on the right angled prism with prism angle \(6^\circ\). If the refractive index of the material of the prism is \(1.5\), then the angle of emergence will be:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (20)


A coil has a resistance of \(30~ \mathrm{ohm}\) and inductive reactance of \(20 ~\mathrm{ohm}\) at a \(50~\mathrm{ Hz}\) frequency. If an \(\mathrm{ac}\) source of \(200 ~\mathrm{volts,}\) \(100~\mathrm{ Hz}\) is connected across the coil, the current in the coil will be:

1.\(2.0~\mathrm{ A}\)2.\(4.0~\mathrm{ A}\)
3.\(8.0~\mathrm{ A}\)4.\(20/\sqrt{13}~\mathrm{A}\)


If a vector (2i^+3j^+8k^) is perpendicular to the vector (4i^-4j^+αk^), then the value of α is:
1. -1
2. -12
3. 12
4. 1


A system consists of three masses \(m_1\), \(m_2\),and \(m_3\)connected by a string passing over a pulley \(\mathrm{P}\). The mass \(m_1\)hangs freely, and \(m_2\)and \(m_3\)are on a rough horizontal table (the coefficient of friction = \(\mu\)). The pulley is frictionless and of negligible mass. The downward acceleration of mass \(m_1\)is: (Assume \(m_1=m_2=m_3=m\) and \(g\) is the acceleration due to gravity.)
Full Test - NEET PYQs (21)
1.\(\frac{g(1-g \mu)}{9}\)
2.\(\frac{2 g \mu}{3}\)
3.\( \frac{g(1-2 \mu)}{3}\)
4.\(\frac{g(1-2 \mu)}{2}\)


The equation of a simple harmonic wave is given by\(y=3\sin \frac{\pi}{2}(50t-x)\) where \(x \) and \(y\) are in meters and \(t\) is in seconds. The ratio of maximum particle velocity to the wave velocity is:


A gas mixture consists of \(2\) moles of \(O_2\)and \(4\) moles of \(Ar\) at temperature \(T.\) Neglecting all the vibrational modes, the total internal energy of the system is:



The figure given below shows the displacement and time, \((x\text -t)\) graph of a particle moving along a straight line:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (22)
The correct statement, about the motion of the particle, is:

1.the particle moves at a constant velocity up to a time \(t_0\) and then stops.
2.the particle is accelerated throughout its motion.
3.the particle is accelerated continuously for time \(t_0\) then moves with constant velocity.
4.the particle is at rest.

164. If the ratio of diameters, lengths and Young's modulus of steel and copper wires shown in the figure are \(p,\) \(q\) and \(s\) respectively, then the corresponding ratio of increase in their lengths would be:
Full Test - NEET PYQs (23)

1.\(\frac{5 q}{\left(7 \mathrm{sp}^2\right)} \)2.\(\frac{7 q}{\left(5 sp^2\right)} \)
3.\(\frac{2 q}{(5 s p)} \)4.\(\frac{7 q}{(5 s p)}\)


An electron moves on a straight-line path \(XY\) as shown. The \(\mathrm{abcd}\) is a coil adjacent to the path of electrons. What will be the direction of current if any, induced in the coil?
Full Test - NEET PYQs (24)

3.The current will reverse its directionas the electron goes past the coil
4.No current included


In an experiment, the percentage errors that occurred in the measurement of physical quantities \(A,\) \(B,\) \(C,\) and \(D\) are \(1\%\), \(2\%\), \(3\%\), and \(4\%\)respectively. Then, the maximum percentage of error in the measurement of \(X,\) where\(X=\frac{A^2 B^{\frac{1}{2}}}{C^{\frac{1}{3}} D^3}\), will be:
1. \(10\%\)


In case of a forced vibration, the resonance wave becomes very sharp when the:
1. Damping force is small
2. Restoring force is small
3. Applied periodic force is small
4. Quality factor is small


A charge q is located at the centre of a cube. The electric flux through any face is:


A millivoltmeter of \(25~\text{mV}\) range is to be converted into an ammeter of \(25~\text{A}\) range. The value (in ohm) of the necessary shunt will be:
1. \(0.001\)
2. \(0.01\)
3. \(1\)
4. \(0.05\)

170. In the reaction\({ }_1^2 \mathrm{H}+{ }_1^3 \mathrm{H} \longrightarrow{ }_2^4 \mathrm{He}+{ }_0^1 n \), if the binding energies of\({ }_1^2 \mathrm{H},~_1^3 \mathrm{H} ~\text{and}~_2^4\mathrm{H}\)He are respectively \(a,b\) and \(c\) (in MeV,) then the energy (in MeV) released in this reaction is:


An ideal gas goes from state \(A\) to state \(B\) via three different processes as indicated in the \((P\text-V)\) diagram.
Full Test - NEET PYQs (25)
If\(Q_1,Q_2,Q_3\)indicate the heat absorbed by the gas along the three processes and \(\Delta U_1, \Delta U_2, \Delta U_3\)indicate the change in internal energy along the three processes respectively, then:

1.\(Q_3>Q_2>Q_1\)and\(\Delta U_1= \Delta U_2= \Delta U_3\)
2.\(Q_1=Q_2=Q_3\)and\(\Delta U_1> \Delta U_2> \Delta U_3\)
3.\(Q_3>Q_2>Q_1\)and\(\Delta U_1> \Delta U_2> \Delta U_3\)
4.\(Q_1>Q_2>Q_3\)and\(\Delta U_1= \Delta U_2= \Delta U_3\)


A particle of mass \(1\) mg has the same wavelength as an electron moving with a velocity of\(3\times 10^{6}\)ms-1. The velocity of the particle is:
(Mass of electron = \(9.1 \times 10^{-31}\)kg)
1.\(2.7 \times 10^{-18}~\text{ms}^{-1}\)
2.\(9 \times 10^{-2}~\text{ms}^{-1}\)
3.\(3 \times 10^{-31}~\text{ms}^{-1}\)
4.\(2.7 \times 10^{-21}~\text{ms}^{-1}\)


A sphere maintained at a temperature of 600 K, has a cooling rate R in an external environment of 200 K temperature. If its temperature falls to 400 K, then its cooling rate will be:
4. None


A body of mass \(m\) is taken from the Earth’s surface to the height equal to twice the radius \((R)\) of the Earth. The change in potential energy of the body will be:


175. \(\varepsilon_0\) and \(\mu_0\) are the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability of free space respectively. If the corresponding quantities of a medium are \(2\varepsilon_0\) and \(1.5\mu_0\) respectively, the refractive index of the medium will nearly be:
1. \(\sqrt2\)
2. \(\sqrt3\)
3. \(3\)
4. \(2\)


On a frictionless surface, a block of mass \(M\) moving at speed \(v\)collides elastically with another block of the same mass \(M\) which is initially at rest. After the collision, the first block moves at an angle \(\theta\)to its initial direction and has a speed\(\frac{v}{3}\). The second block’s speed after the collision will be:


177. A small sphere of radius \(r\) falls from rest in a viscous liquid. As a result, heat is produced due to the viscous force. The rate of production of heat when the sphere attains its terminal velocity is proportional to:



A rope is wrapped around a hollow cylinder with a mass of \(3\) kg and a radius of \(40\) cm. What is the angular acceleration of the cylinder if the rope is pulled with a force of \(30\) N?
1.\(0.25 ~\text{rad/s}^2 \)
2.\(25 ~\text{rad/s}^2 \)
3.\(5 ~\text{m/s}^2 \)
4.\(25 ~\text{m/s}^2 \)


The angular resolution of a 10 cm diameter telescope for a wavelength of 5000 Å is of the order of:
1. 10–4 rad
2. 10–6 rad
3. 106 rad
4. 10–2 rad


Two 220-volt, 100-watt bulbs are connected first in series and then in parallel. Each time the combination is connected to a 220-volt a.c. supply line. The power drawn by the combination in each case respectively will be:
1. 50 watt, 100 watt
2. 100 watt, 50 watt
3. 200 watt, 150 watt
4. 50 watt, 200 watt


A parallel plate capacitor has a uniform electric field\(\vec{E}\)in the space between the plates. If the distance between the plates is\(d\) and the area of each plate is\(A\) the energy stored in the capacitor is:
\(\left ( \varepsilon_{0} = \text{permittivity of free space} \right )\)
1.\(\frac{1}{2}\varepsilon_0 E^2 Ad\)
2.\(\frac{E^2 Ad}{\varepsilon_0}\)
3.\(\frac{1}{2}\varepsilon_0 E^2 \)
4.\(\varepsilon_0 EAd\)


The electron concentration in an \(\mathrm{n\text-}\)type semiconductor is the same as the hole concentration in a \(\mathrm{p\text{-}}\)type semiconductor. An external field (electric) is applied across each of them. Compare the currents in them.

1.current in \(\mathrm{n\text-}\)type \(>\) current in \(\mathrm{p\text{-}}\)type.
2.no current will flow in \(\mathrm{p\text{-}}\)type, current will only flow in\(\mathrm{n\text-}\)type.
3.current in \(\mathrm{n\text-}\)type \(=\) current in \(\mathrm{p\text{-}}\)type.
4.current in \(\mathrm{p\text{-}}\)type \(>\) current in \(\mathrm{n\text-}\)type.


In a discharge tube ionization of enclosed gas is produced due to collisions between:
1. positive ions and neutral atoms/molecules
2. negative electrons and neutral atoms/molecules
3. photons and neutral atoms/molecules
4. neutral gas atoms/molecules


The horizontal range and the maximum height of a projectile are equal. The angle of projection of the projectile is:

185. A bar magnet having a magnetic moment of \(2\times10^4\)JT-1is free to rotate in a horizontal plane. A horizontal magnetic field \(B=6\times10^{-4}\)T exists in the space. The work done in taking the magnet slowly from a direction parallel to the field to a direction \(60^\circ\) from the field is:

Physics - Section B


Three masses are placed on the \(x\)-axis: \(300~\text{g}\) at origin, \(500~\text{g}\) at \(x= 40~\text{cm}\) and \(400~\text{g}\) at \(x= 70~\text{cm}\). Thedistance of the centre of mass from the origin is:


A transverse wave propagating along thex-axis is represented by:
\(y=(x,t)=8.0\mathrm{sin}(0.5\pi x-4\pi t-\frac{\pi}{4})\)where\(x\)is in meters and\(t\) in seconds. The speed of the wave is:

188. Six charges \(+q,\) \(-q,\) \(+q,\) \(-q,\) \(+q\) and \(-q\) are fixed at the corners of a hexagon of side \(d\) as shown in the figure. The work done in bringing a charge \(q_0\) to the centre of the hexagon from infinity is:
(\(\varepsilon_0-\)permittivity of free space)
Full Test - NEET PYQs (26)
1. zero


The half-life of radium is about 1600 years. Out of 100 g of radium existing now, 25 g will remain undecayed after:
1. 6400 years
2. 2400 years
3. 3200 years
4. 4800 years


The power of a biconvex lens is \(10\) dioptre and the radius of curvature of each surface is \(10\) cm. The refractive index of the material of the lens is:
1.\( \frac{4}{3} \)
2.\( \frac{9}{8} \)
3.\( \frac{5}{3} \)
4.\( \frac{3}{2}\)


The vector sum of two forces is perpendicular to their vector difference. In this case, the two forces:
1. Are equal
2. Have the same magnitude
3. Are not equal in magnitude
4. Cannot be predicted


A particle executing simple harmonic motion of amplitude \(5~\text{cm}\)has a maximum speed of \(31.4~\text{cm/s}.\)The frequency of its oscillation will be:
1. \(1~\text{Hz}\)


An iron rod of susceptibility \(599\) is subjected to a magnetising field of \(1200~\text{A m}^{-1}\). The permeability of the material of the rod is:\(\left(\mu_0 = 4 \pi\times 10^{-7}~\text{T m A}^{-1}\right)\)
1.\(8.0\times 10^{-5}~\text{T m A}^{-1}\)
2.\(2.4\pi\times 10^{-5}~\text{T m A}^{-1}\)
3.\(2.4\pi\times 10^{-7}~\text{T m A}^{-1}\)
4.\(2.4\pi\times 10^{-4}~\text{T m A}^{-1}\)


Young’s modulus of steel is twice that of brass. Two wires of the same length and of the same area of cross-section, one of steel and another of brass, are suspended from the same roof. If we want the lower ends of the wires to be at the same level, then the weights added to the steel and brass wires must be in the ratio of:
1. \(1:2\)
2. \(2:1\)
3. \(4:1\)
4. \(1:1\)


A liquid does not wet the solid surface if the angle of contact is:
1. equal to\(45^{\circ}\)
2. equal to\(60^{\circ}\)
3. greater then\(90^{\circ}\)
4. zero

196. A car is moving in a circular horizontal track of radius \(10\) m with a constant speed of \(10\) m/s. A bob is suspended from the roof of the car by a light wire of length \(1.0\) m. The angle made by the wire with the vertical is:

1.\(\pi \over 3 \)2.\(\pi \over 6\)
3.\(\pi \over 4\)4.\(0^\circ\)


The power dissipated in an L-C-R series circuit connected to an AC source of emf E is:

1. \(\frac{\varepsilon^2R}{\Big[R^2+\Big(L\omega-\frac{1}{C\omega}\Big)^2\Big]}\)
2. \(\frac{\varepsilon^2\sqrt{R^2+\Big(L\omega-\frac{1}{C\omega}\Big)^2}}{R}~\)
3. \(\frac{\varepsilon^2\Big[R^2+\Big(L\omega-\frac{1}{C\omega}\Big)^2\Big]}{R}\)
4. \(\frac{\varepsilon^2R}{\sqrt{R^2+\Big(L\omega+\frac{1}{C\omega}\Big)^2}}~\)


A linear aperture whose width is \(0.02\) cm is placed immediately in front of a lens of focal length \(60\) cm. The aperture is illuminated normally by a parallel beam of wavelength \(5\times 10^{-5}\)cm. The distance of the first dark band of the diffraction pattern from the centre of the screen is:
1.\( 0.10 \)cm
2.\( 0.25 \)cm
3.\( 0.20 \)cm
4.\( 0.15\)cm

199. A long solenoid of radius \(1~\text{mm}\)has \(100\) turns per mm. If \(1~\text{A}\)current flows in the solenoid, the magnetic field strength at the centre of the solenoid is:

1.\(6.28 \times 10^{-4} ~\text{T} \)2.\(6.28 \times 10^{-2}~\text{T}\)
3.\(12.56 \times 10^{-2}~\text{T}\)4.\(12.56 \times 10^{-4} ~\text{T}\)


A black hole is an object whose gravitational field is so strong that even light cannot escape from it. To what approximate radius would Earth (mass \(= 5.98\times 10^{24}~\text{kg}\)) have to be compressed to be a black hole?

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