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The plane increasingly becomes an important transportation tool for us. Whether it is a business trip, a trip to a weekend getaway on Gran Canaria, or the annual sommer holiday. Without an airplane, such trips are now hardly conceivable, and the increasingly cheap prices and offers make the plane a lucrative choice. Especially during the weekend or for short breaks it’s very interesting because of the short flight time.Traveling by car means driving for hours, however traveling by plane you will arrive at the destination after an hour or two. But what about the people who stay back home? Which want to pick you up at the airport when you come back? This is where the flightview comes into play. And that's not all: because with it you always know at any time, where an airplane currently is.

What is live the flightview?

The live airplane tracker allows you to track online any flight. For example, you can follow the flight with which your family or friends are going on holidays. So you know always where your loved ones are. The flightradar uses current radar data and information that are provided by airlines, traffic and radio networks. This information are displayed on the pages for flight tracking in real time. In addition, you will also get a lot of further information about the flights. Whenever you track a flight, you get information about the course, the speed, the expected time of arrival, information about the airline, the place of departure and possible delays.

How does it work?

With the Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B – aka transponders), which almost any plane got on board, you´re able to determine its position via satellite navigation. Primarily this information’s are important for the air traffic control (ATC) ground station and for the secondary radar. The ATC´s primary purpose is to prevent collisions, to organise the air traffic and to provide information for the pilots. The secondary surveillance radar (SSR) is an air traffic control system. It requests information’s from the airplane itself like identity and altitude.

The flightview from civil aircraft’s is publicly accessible and free. It can be used by websites which are offering flight tracking. You only need your smartphone, tablet or notebook to track every airplane you like, no special equipment needed for flight tracking.

ADS-B use the data from the aircraft`s navigation system and send those automatically. No pilot`s are involved in this procedure so they can focus on there work. This technology is more accurate than most radar systems and makes flying safer. Pilots in an ADB-S co*ckpit get better information´s of other air traffic and have access to clean an detailed weather information`s. This means they´re able to reduce the distance between airplanes and get more efficient in airspace management.

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For whom is the service suitable?

The service for flightview over the internet is suitable for a variety of people. On the one hand, the flight radar is generally fun. It is interesting to follow airplanes to see how they make their way to their journeys across the globe. But it also has a practical benefit: companies can track a flight to plan the arrival of an employee and as needed inform the local office about delays. As a private person, you can follow a aircraft to make sure your loved ones are on their way and that they do well. If you want to pick up your family after arriving at the airport, you can follow the flight to make sure when they arrive at the airport. By tracking the airplane, you can recognize any delays at an early stage and schedule them if necessary.

What information do you get from the flight status?

The information you get when you check the flight status can range from app to app and page to page. But in general, you will always get the information’s which are sent by the transponder. For example, the current course, the altitude as well as a diagram of the already travelled flight miles, and the route still missing. Possible delays, the arrival time and the arrival terminal are also often displayed. The data you get by tracking a aircraft is overall the identical, as the one which are displayed to the passengers on the TV screen in the airplane. This is the same data of the aircraft and the transponder, which you also see on the flightview over the Internet.
The flight status is a practical thing with many advantages. Whether you want to be sure that your loved ones are doing well or want to know when they arrive at home, so you can pick them up. You just need to follow the flight so you have all the information. Business customers can use the service to see where their goods, employees, or their planes are, and can use the information that they receive during the flight, to coordinate the arrival.

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▷ FLIGHTVIEW ✈ Track every airplane around the globe ✔ (2024)
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