Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (2024)

Elden Ring is not the first Souls game to feature PvP multiplayer. The same system of invading and helping has existed in the Souls series from the beginning with Demon's Souls. In Elden Ring, if you engage in multiplayer and summon a cooperator, you open yourself up to being invaded.


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There are also options for summoning invaders on purpose to duel, but either way, PvP combat is quite different than regular PvE combat in Elden Ring. This list will go over some of the most effective weapons for PvP, but remember that any weapon is a viable one in the right hands, so don't worry about popularity too much.

Updated July 7, 2024, by Andrew Scariati: The best PvP weapons Elden Ring has to offer are always in flux as new tactics are discovered, and weapons are introduced or updated. Elden Ring's best PvP weapons vary based on your skill set, but the variety of options we've added covers most playstyles.

15 Bloodhound's Fang

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (2)

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (3)Bloodhound's Fang is one of Elden Ring’s best PvP weapons that you can find fairly early in the game. This curved great sword is gained as a reward for defeating Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in a Limgrave evergaol.

Its weapon skill, Bloodhound’s Finesse, is devastating, albeit a bit slow, but if done well, it allows you a brief moment of invincibility during a quick dash and slash combo. The Bloodhound’s Fang scales primarily with strength and dexterity and allows for many varied builds.

14 Claymore

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (4)

Most of the Colossal Swords in Elden Ring are difficult to use in PvP, due to the way that hit-detection works in Souls PvP. This also applies to most of the Greatswords, but the Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (5)Claymore is an excellent weapon for PvP with its Heavy Attack.

Unlike the other Greatswords, the Claymore features a poke for its Heavy Attack, which makes it very good at catching foes who are attempting to roll away from you. Combine this with higher damage than other weapons, due to its size, and you have an excellent PvP contender.

13 Cross-Naginata

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (6)

The Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (7)Cross-Naginata , when dual-wielded and enchanted with blood loss, is a killing machine. Combine that with the Seppuku Ash of War, and you have what is potentially an instant bleed on your very first attack. Add in the fast attack speed since it is a spear, and the Cross-Naginata might just be the best weapon for PvP in Elden Ring.

There are no weapons in Elden Ring that are perfect, but in this case, the Cross-Naginata is pretty close, at least in PvP. Take these with you when going against a group of three and just watch the host panic as you instantly turn their three vs. one into a fair fight.

12 Godskin Stitcher

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (9)

TheElden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (10)Godskin Stitcher is one of Elden Ring’s many thrusting swords that excel in PvP. Its default weapon skill, Impaling Thrust, is perfect for breaking your opponent’s shield. The Godskin Stitcher has exceptional range and helps catch pesky Tarnished who love to roll.

To find the Godskin Stitcher, head to Volcano Manor and defeat the Godskin Noble there.

If you're focused on making a strength or powerful hybrid dexterity build, Godskin Stitcher is a top-tier PvP option.

11 Bloody Helice

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (11)

Bleed damage is king in PvP, and the Bloody Helice is one of the best bleed weapons in Elden Ring. Another heavy-thrusting sword, Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (12)Bloody Helice will give your opponents plenty of trouble with increased speed and control in recent patches.

Its weapon skill, Dynast’s Finesse, is a sure-fire way to put some distance between you and your foe, before closing the gap with a strong attack and a slice across their torso.

Bloody Helice scales with Dexterity and Arcane and can be found in a chest after the boss in Writheblood Ruins.

10 Rivers Of Blood

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (13)

If you have engaged much with Elden Ring PvP, you have probably encountered Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (14)Rivers of Blood at some point. A Weapon Skill that can instantly kill pretty much any opponent with blood loss sounds pretty good, and it is, but it is also fairly simple to dodge.

Something to note is your familiarity with a weapon will dictate your skill, and that familiarity will be easiest with weapons you like. Don't worry so much about the weapons everyone else is using, and instead just use what you find fun.

9 Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (15)

Another blood loss weapon, Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (16)Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear is similar to Rivers of Blood in that it can instantly defeat opponents. This time the Weapon Skill is a bubble around you that inflicts rapid bleed and damage on enemies. It even works through walls, which makes it perfect for invading sneak attacks.


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Of course, there are downsides to the Sacred Spear. Mainly the Weapon Skill can simply be avoided by moving away from you, and it can also be dodged through. This leaves you open to ranged damage while casting the Skill, so use it carefully.

8 Moonveil

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (18)

Katanas are powerful in Elden Ring, though maybe that has always been the case in Souls games. For their very fast speed, they deal super high damage. The Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (19)Moonveil even deals magic damage, which means it deals decent damage through shields. The true value of Moonveil is found in its Weapon Skill.

The Weapon Skill on the Moonveil allows you to fire off lasers at your enemies with very little windup, making it very good for surprise attacks while being chased or after being cornered by invaders. And they hit really hard, potentially one-shotting people with low overall health.

7 Sword Of St Trina

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (20)

One thing that is true for most things in life is that two is better than one, and the Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (21)Sword of St. Trina exemplifies that to the max. The first of two weapons in Elden Ring that deal the sleep status effect, the other being a torch, using two of the swords will put people to sleep in only a couple of hits.

This leaves them open for massive damage, and it can be made even more effective by using the Weapon Skill to coat your swords in even more sleep status. A good tip is to equip a heavy weapon in another slot that you can then switch to when your opponent sleeps to crush them.

6 Giant-Crusher

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (22)

It's difficult to use Colossal Weapons effectively in Elden Ring PvP. That is not to say it is impossible, however, and the Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (23)Giant-Crusher is the one to use if you choose to go with this class of weapon. The problem with them is their extremely slow attack speed, but the high damage is substantial.

It is recommended to use the heavy enchantment as well to further increase damage. It's also good to remember that jumping Heavy Attacks are always a good choice in PvP, as they have very little windup, and can surprise foes that have bad timing.

5 Gargoyle's Twinblade

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (24)

Another weapon that excels when dual-wielded, the Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (25)Gargoyle's Twinblade — or any twinblade for that matter — has one of the best movesets in Elden Ring for PvP. An excellent combo of high attack speed and medium damage, when dual-wielding this efficiency reaches maximum levels with twinblades.


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The jumping attack with the dual twinblades deals significant damage too, and this can be combined with the status effect of your choice to yield even higher damage. The Gargoyle's Twinblade stands above some others due to its great all-around scaling, even without changing the enchantment.

4 Spear Of The Impaler

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (27)Spear of the Impaler is among the best new weapons introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This Great Spear weapon features a fantastic new weapon art: Messmer's Assault, which offers a three-part combination that can be hard to avoid.

Once you defeat Messmer The Impaler, this fantastic Remembrance weapon can be exchanged with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

Activate the weapon art once to twirl your spear, sending a wave of flames forward. Follow up with a second activation immediately after, to dash forward with three quick spear thrusts, and finally activate it one last time to complete the combination with a ground slam that summons spears from the ground, damaging your opponent.

3 Star-Lined Sword

The Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (28)Star-Lined Sword is another powerful weapon that boasts an unusual weapon skill that can catch foes completely off guard. The Onze's Line Of Stars skill is similar to Rivers of Blood, but offers a more unpredictable combo and better range against fleeing foes.

You can acquire the Star-Lined Sword from Demi-human Queen Marigga in the Cerulean Coast.

The first two slashes of your weapon art are standard, elongated Katana swipes, while follow-up activations will continue the flurry with longer slashes and an eventual overhead slam. If your PvP opponent is using spacing to win the fight, this weapon will help you close the distance.

2 Vyke's War Spear

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (29)

The Great Spear class feels like it was made to be one of the best weapons in Elden Ring PvP. Not only are they high damage, but their range is also massive, with the only downside being their somewhat slow attack speed. Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (30)Vyke's War Spear Spear is the top Great Spear because it causes madness to build up.

Its Weapon Skill is good too, as it lays down fire over a wide area in front of you that causes madness to build up in enemies, but beware of backstabs, since you will be stuck in the animation for a while. Overall a great choice for PvP, Vyke's War Spear is great for catching panic rollers.

1 Winged Scythe

Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (31)

Reapers are another class that are among the best Elden Ring PvP weapons. A good balance between stagger potential, speed, and damage, all of them also cause blood loss build up, which is extremely powerful in Elden Ring. Unsurprisingly, the Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (32)Winged Scythe makes its way to the top of the rest by having a standout Weapon Skill.

When activated, you jump in the air and attack twice, but if you catch the opponent with either of these blows, they will be unable to heal for a short time. This allows you to push them and potentially close a battle that could have dragged on much longer if they kept healing.


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Elden Ring: The Best Weapons For PvP (2024)
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