DECENT AND MOSTLY FREE 12 - 4 Manchester - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (2024)

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DECENT AND MOSTLY FREE 12 - 4 Manchester - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (1)

Watauga Beach Drive E near Beach Drive

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saturday 2024-07-06

saturday 2024-07-13

sunday 2024-07-14

start time: NOON

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I still have some smaller things, and some decent furniture, mostly not too big, except for the dresser, which isn't bad if you take the drawers out, but still you would need a pickup to fetch it. I do have a hand cart here you can use (not keep!). There's still some kitchen things, and some books, and Xmas knick-knacks... It's not junk, and I have no kids, nobody to inherit it, so I'm lightening up! Life is a wild ride, is it not!? ^_^

*****CLOSED TOMORROW, SUNDAY 7/7****** Maybe next weekend, and by appt. during the week.

Donations are much appreciated for the furniture, as I am running on fumes for a few months.

I AM SELLING Fiesta Ware, collector's item! Mixed colors; worth about $1K, I will take $500. Seriously, it's worth twice that. This will pay for my storage unit! And I AM SELLING my own original artwork, sizes and prices vary from $50 to $400, largest is $500. When I'm dead, you'll be rich, ha ha.

DIRECTIONS: People keep getting lost, so this is DETAILED, lol!

Manchester, Port Orchard, close to Manchester State Park
Between Wynn Jones Rd and Spring Hill Road

6042 Watauga Beach Drive, off Beach Drive-- You can ONLY turn one way onto Watauga. You will go a fair ways, it's kind of a little forest on the way, winding around and down and around, down to the waterfront. You will come to a FORK at the bottom of the hill, on level with waterfront homes.

NOTE: GPS may be faulty: AT THE FORK DOWN AT THE WATER---Go RIGHT, NOT LEFT, that is Glover. Stay on Watauga (bearing R). As soon as you veer RIGHT, you'll go around a curve and then take the FIRST driveway ON THE RIGHT, at the VERY FIRST MAILBOXES, ONE of two IS GREEN -- you'll see my little sign at the ORANGE CONE. Turn right and go UP the drive, small yellow cottage, driveway to the RIGHT, across from the DUCK POND. It's the FIRST driveway-- DO NOT GO TO THE TOP of the hill!! There's a troll up there! (They don't just live under bridges.)

Feel free to call!
Phone: show contact info. OPEN SAT/SUN 12 - 4 and WEEKDAYS BY APPT. OPEN on the 4th.

NO TEXTS, please, it's a Luddite Phone! ^_^

Everything is in Very Good shape, some of it Like New.

Donations are welcome and much appreciated. (Thank you!! to the folks who have been so generous already.)

I still have:

*ARMCHAIR, the one in the photo on this post-- It's like new, dusty rose w/stripes (photo)

*ANTIQUE MIRROR Dark, walnut wood, I think?

very sturdy, excellent condition w/matching mirror and small desk -- I will consider selling the desk and mirror, but the twin bed frame, slats (plywood sheets) included, is free. If you bought this new, it would be hundreds.

*DINING TABLE w/leaves, veneer top, in great shape -- it's really quite nice, and not that heavy.

*Coffee table... I'm using it, but I'll try to get it cleared off this morning! ^_^

*ONE BOOKCASE LEFT! (slender but heavy) in good shape except the heavy paper backing might need fixed or replaced... when books are in it, you don't see it. ;)

*Antique CEDAR CHEST -- one hinge needs a little fixing, but it's quite useable as is -- great for woolies

*Large (but not that heavy with the drawers out) CHEST of DRAWERS

*TWO black metal folding card table type chairs with cushioning on seats

*Four very sturdy wooden dining chairs, painted raspberry color

*Some books-- some are almost new and are in Very Good Condition--whatever is left goes to the Manchester Library.

*Some kitchen things, large, nice backgammon board, some plants...

*Stonehenge Oven-to-Table, white dishes, "Mid-Winter" - Not a complete collection but a fair amount left
*Just a couple of baking dishes, glass bread pans, a nice quiche dish
*Some nice china teacups/saucers
*Vintage sherry glasses, decorative things and bits 'n' pieces,
*One very nice pair of size 71/2 high heel brown shoes, worn once!

My plants need a good home... Mostly indoor, but a couple of outdoor ones, as well.

QUESTIONS? WEEKDAY APPT's: show contact info NO TEXTS, PLEASE, it's a LUDDITE PHONE! There's VM.

CASH ONLY PLEASE if donating or purchasing; I have bags and a few shoe boxes.

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    DECENT AND MOSTLY FREE 12 - 4 Manchester - garage & moving sales - yard estate sale - craigslist (2024)
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