[1.03-1.37] MineCraft PS3 Update-ChangeLog (NEW UPDATE 1.37) - NextGenUpdate (2024)

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Change log for Patch 1.37 - October 25th 2016

Added Halloween Battle Map.
Added Campfire Tales Skin Pack.
Added Battle Map Pack 4.
Fixes for missing/incorrect tooltips when looking at various blocks and entities.
Fix for Endermen not becoming hostile when a player makes eye contact with them.
Fix for only one of eight Fossil variants generating per world.
Fix for igniting TNT blocks while one is already lit causing them to disappear.
Fix for crash that may occur if the Ender Dragon attacks a group of Zombies.
Stop faster healing due to food saturation in Battle mini game
Updated Battle maps to remove some areas where players could get stuck.
Fix for MCCE 2521 - Shears don’t break web blocks into Web block drop.
Fix for MCCE 2505 - Knocking a Guardian off a height great enough to kill it on falling would cause a crash.
Fix for MCCE-2478 - Oak and Iron Doors Items have the wrong texture in the Inventory.

Change log for Patch 1.36 - October 4th 2016

Add new blocks - End Bricks, Beetroot, Grass Path, Frosted Ice, Magma, Nether Wart Block, Red Nether Brick, and Bone Block.
Added new items - Beetroot, Beetroot Seeds, and Beetroot Soup.
Added new enchantments - FrostWalker and Mending.
Added new terrain generation features - Fossils and Igloos (in newly generated worlds).
Add new mob - Polar Bear.
Add Banners.
Added Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack.
Added sounds for Polar Bear, Witch, Squid, Snowman, Armor Stand, Cow, Horse, Item Frames, Leash Knots and Paintings.
Updated all Texture and Mash-up Packs with new items & blocks.

Change log for Patch 1.35 - September 9th 2016

Remove vote-to-kick function in Mini Games. The host can kick players only in the Lobby.
Disable small, floating and oddly shaped skins in public Tumble games.
Fix for Battle mini game showdown playing Tumble mini game showdown sound.
Fixed a bug where last player to die in Tumble would get stuck respawning.
Fix for being able to unlock Hunger Pain achievement by killing yourself while starving.
Fix for crash if a client wins the match and then quits the game.
Fix for Birthday skin packs and Minecon pack not showing in the skin select for players with the Blu-ray version.

Change log for Patch 1.34 - August 30th 2016

Some text localisation updates.

Change log for Patch 1.33 - August 30th 2016

Added Tumble Mini Game.
Added Battle Map Pack 3 (Castle, Invasion & Shipyard).
Added six new trophies for the Battle mini game.
Re-enabled the previous Birthday and Minecon skin packs for players who had them.
Battle Mini Game: Made some changes to chest refilling logic to make things harder for players camping beside chests.
Battle Mini Game: Made some balancing changes to items spawning in chests.
Battle Mini Game: Fixed some map issues in Cavern, Siege, Ruin, Lair and Atlantis arenas.
Introduced a ‘vote to kick’ system for mini games. When there are more than three players in a public game, a player will be kicked from the game when they have received three votes. This scales down when there are less players.

Change log for Patch 1.31 - July 25th 2016

Added Battle Map Pack 2 (Atlantis, Ruin and Siege).
Added the Redstone Specialists Skin Pack.
Made changes to some item textures in the City Texture Pack, Fantasy Texture Pack and Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack, so that they are more easily identifiable in Battle mini games.
Battle Mini Game: Fix to display player names above crouching players when in Showdown mode in a Battle mini game.
Battle Mini Game: Fix to allow thrown potions to go through non-solid blocks (e.g. Vines, Tall Grass).
Battle Mini Game: Fix to stop non-solid blocks obstructing player attacks.
Battle Mini Game: Fixed a couple of holes in the Cove Battle mini game map.
Battle Mini Game: Fix to remove all Mob heads from the player's inventory, except any that are currently being worn, when transitioning from the Lobby to a Battle mini game map.
Battle Mini Game: Fix to automatically replace Mob heads in the armour slot, when a Helmet is collected in a Battle mini game.
Battle Mini Game: Disabled "Take Everything" in the Lobby.
Battle Mini Game: Added Select All / Deselect All tooltip(s) to the Select Maps menu.
Fix for an issue with hills generation.
Fix for an issue causing some Blazes to not perform their attacks after becoming aggressive towards the player.
Fix to allow renamed items to be traded with a Villager.
Fixed a duplication bug.
Fix to remove the redundant option for creating White Wool within the crafting menu using 1x White Wool to create.
Fix for an issue where a Pig struck by a lightning turns into a Zombie Pigman without a Golden Sword.
Fix for an incorrect death message when the player is killed by lightning.
Fix for some issues with trophies (including Passing The Time trophy).

Change log for Patch 1.30 - June 30th 2016

Fixed a memory issue causing "Failed To Load" message.
Battle Mini Game: Disable kicking players during Public Battle rounds. This is enabled for the host in the Lobby.
Battle Mini Game: Disable the host exiting the game during a Battle round. This is enabled in the lobby.
Battle Mini Game: Grace period increased to 20 seconds.
Battle Mini Game: Changed all Poison Potions to level 2 instead of level 1.
Battle Mini Game: All Sticks now have at least Sharpness 1.
Battle Mini Game: Replaced the Fire Charge item with a Potion of Fire Resistance.
Battle Mini Game: Replaced the Diamond Chestplate with an Iron Chestplate.
Battle Mini Game: The Wooden Hoe with Fire Aspect 1 has Sharpness 1 added to it.
Battle Mini Game: Removed the Wooden Shovel from the Centre Chests.
Battle Mini Game: Added Sharpness 1 to the Wooden Pickaxe in the Outer Chests.
Battle Mini Game: Added Sharpness 2 to the Wooden Shovel in the Outer Chests.
Battle Mini Game: Fixed various areas in maps where players could get stuck.

Change log for Patch 1.29 - June 23rd 2016

Fixed an issue with joining public Battle Mini Games.

Change log for Patch 1.28 - June 21st 2016

Added the Battle Mini Game.
Updated the Skin Select menu.
Added an option for Safe Sprint in the Controls menu. Depending on the controls layout selected, this option moves either the Change Camera Mode or the Sneak/Dismount away from the stick button, since a lot of people are pressing the stick by accident when they start sprinting.
Enabled Battle Map Pack 1 and Battle Map Pack Season Pass DLC.
Added Caves and Ravines to Custom Superflat options.
Added Distribute Items functionality via toggle button (start and confirm distribution). This allows a stack of items to be distributed by dragging the stack across multiple slots in the Inventory.
Fixed a crash when a client player entered a game where the maximum number of Item Frames had opened Maps.
Fix for Slimes not spawning in Slime Chunks.
Fixed an issue allowing players to use the Armour Stand when the Trust Players option is disabled.
Fixed an issue where items could not be moved from the Furnace to the main Inventory using Quick Move.
Fixed an issue in the Superflat world generation menu with the stem Mushroom Block.

Change log for Patch 1.26 - April 19th 2016

Fixed Guardians no longer spawning after loading a save.
Removed change that restricted changing to third-person camera while running or performing other actions.
Removed changed that made sprint activation more sensitive.
Fixed issue with Mushroom Block textures.

Change log for Patch 1.25 - April 6th 2016

Added Story Mode skin pack.
Added 6 new trophies.
Added new "Minecart Sounds" option to Audio Settings.
Added Huge Mushroom Blocks to the Creative and Superflat menus.
Improved sprint control.
Fixed a memory issue causing “Failed to Load” message.
Fix for issue where the Ender Dragon would be immune to attacks
Fix for Slimes not spawning in certain Swamps and Slime Chunks.
Fix for Potion of Swiftness, Potion of Slowness and Speed bonus of Beacon having no effect on the player.
Fix for teleporting a player while they are sleeping in a Bed not working properly.
Fix for some chunks in the Overworld not generating for clients of a multiplayer game.
Fix for issue where Experience Orbs could not be obtained by some trades with Villagers.
Fix for Thorns enchantment not affecting players.
Fix for MCCE #747 - TNT cannon not working.
Fix for MCCE #659 - Doors have a weird texture on top when open (And other sides).
Fix for MCCE #1854 - Grass positioning is perfect.
Fix for MCCE #1826 - White tulip description incorrect.
Fix for MCCE #1756 - Witch Hut Bounding Box Too Small.
Fix for MCCE #1260 - Submerged Witch Huts.
Fix for MCCE #483 - Camera jitter and player unable to move when looking at chest you are standing on.
Fix for MCCE #863 - The map does not work as it should (unless "View Hand" is turned on).
Fix for MCCE #1757 - Slimes spawning in witch huts.
Fix for MCCE #1739 - No icon in item frame map.
Fix for MCCE #1803 - Item frames vanishing in very strange draw distance.

Change log for Patch 1.24 - February 25th 2016

Added Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1.
Fix for MCCE #1460 & #910 - Guardians Not Spawning.
Fix for MCCE #917 - Incorrect attack damage shown on tooltips with enchantments.
Fix for MCCE #868 - Redstone clocks get stuck on when changing dimension.
Fix for Animals in Love Mode lacking heart particles for the duration of Love Mode.
Fix for Slimes spawning in the Nether.

Change log for Patch 1.23 - January 20th 2016

Fix for MCCE #48 - Water Spreading Creates New Source Blocks.
Fix for MCCE #772 - Animals get stuck in corners of fence-type blocks.
Fix for MCCE #826 - Beacon height limit.
Fix for MCCE #829 - The end build limit is smaller.
Fix for MCCE #831 - Player skin is the default skin when holding a map.
Fix for MCCE #856 - Red sandstone stairs texture incorrect.
Fix for MCCE #863 - The map does not work as it should (unless "View Hand" is turned on).
Fix for MCCE #865 - Rabbits only appear to spawn naturally in snow biomes.
Fix for MCCE #878 - Book and Quill saving issue. Opening and closing an edited (not signed) writeable book deletes the saved pages.
Fix for MCCE #833 - When Interface opacity is down, hotbar faded tools won’t show their durability.
Fix for MCCE #885 & #886 - Feather Falling enchantment does not reduce falling damage & Ender pearl Damage.
Fix for MCCE #962 - Slime Spawning (Increase to Slime Spawning).
Fix for MCCE #1009 - Skulls in the inventory and held in first person are oversized.
Fix for MCCE #1024 - Raw fish and raw salmon have the same texture in the Natural Texture Pack.
Fix for MCCE #1072 - In the City Texture Pack it shows smooth red sandstone as a rough block but when you place it, it is smooth.
Fix for MCCE #1091 - Some fire caused by Ghast's Fireball explosion is not displayed.
Fix for MCCE #1127 - Wolfs default collar colour had changed (Orange -> Red).
Fix for MCCE #1142 - Minecraft Capes using incorrect texture.
Fix for MCCE #1192 Texture under the bed is the texture of the top of the bed.
Fix for MCCE #1202 - Map dark when facing north or south.
Fix for MCCE #1214 - Texture of any potion turns black while holding it in the End or Nether.
Fix for MCCE #1349 - Penned animals de-spawn when leaving the chunk.
Fix for MCCE #1366 - When placing a torch under water to reset / refill your air meter will often (about 50% of the time) cause a crash.
Fix for MCCE #1367 - Melon farm with piston causes crash.
Fix for MCCE #1415 & #1403 - Hunger meter always regenerates when switching from peaceful to any other difficulty.
Fix for MCCE #1434 - Fishing Rod Bobber Sticks to Walls!
Fix for MCCE #1455 - Piston/slime block duplication.
Fix for MCCE #1457 - TNT can destroy blocks placed well beyond the world border.
Fix for MCCE #1488 - "Getting an Upgrade" trophy/achievement fails to unlock while crafting a stone pickaxe using classic crafting.
Fix for crash when Ender Chest is mined for a few seconds.
Fix for an intermittent crash when placing beds on snow.
Fix for a crash when a Superflat World session with a combination of multiple Planks or Wood, Lava and Air Layers is saved.
Fix for a crash after destroying blocks and exploring a Superflat World with multiple Sand, Air and TNT Layers.
Improved random seed generator to select worlds with a better spread of biomes.
Fix for Villagers not harvesting crops from Farmlands created by the player.
Fix for glass not being able to be broken by hand in Adventure Mode.
Fix for an issue where the user renames a "Spawn Egg" and places it in water, causing debug text to be displayed.
Fix for an issue when the "Body Guard" trophy/achievement does not unlock as expected when the Iron Golem is built in a certain way.
Fix for an issue where a player cannot see other players after dying and respawning.
Fix for an issue where baby horses appear to be adults after feeding with one golden carrot.
Fix for issue where two Primary Powers can be applied to the Player's character through the Beacon UI.
Fix for an issue where a Torch and a Redstone Torch have two hitboxes.
Fix for de-spawn protections not being applied to baby animals created with Spawn Eggs.
Fix for issue where item quantity for Bottle o' Enchanting, Nether Star, Enchanted Golden Apple and strength indicator for Potions are not affected by Interface Opacity when in the Quick Select.
Fix for Death Message with incorrect text is displayed when the player is killed with a named weapon.
Fix for worlds generating slightly differently every time even with the same seed.
Fix for issue where Leather Clothes, Spawn Eggs and Potions are displayed improperly when the player is above 256 blocks or is in a place where there is no source of daylight.
Fix for Doors, Trapdoors and Fence Gates missing a sound effect when closing.
Fix for issue where opening certain menus does not cancel the eating, drinking or bow charging animations.
Fixed an issue where items that have no custom names were not showing up in edit text field in the Anvil.
Fix for Ocelots not sprinting away from the player.
Fix for Pistons and objects pushed by them having corrupted, black textures while animating.
Fix for falling Gravel, Sand and Red Sand blocks displaying with very dark textures.
Fix for issue where texture pack changes to vanilla Minecraft textures if the player joins a friend's session.
Added first person rendering of additional skin parts for the left and right arms.
Fix for an issue when in a Split-screen session where at least one player does not get Critical Hit particles.
Fix for seeing through the base of falling blocks.
Fix for missing mining animation for Skulls, Heads, Signs, Chests and Beacons.
Fix for issue where changing the Interface Opacity to specific values causes visual issues with the item and button icons on the HUD.
Fix for issue when travelling directly north or south in a Minecart where the player automatically turns to face eastwards.
Fix for missing tooltip for 'Exit' / '[1.03-1.37] MineCraft PS3 Update-ChangeLog (NEW UPDATE 1.37) - NextGenUpdate (1)ismount' actions.
Fix for Guardians not being spawned around Ocean Monuments on a Superflat World.
Fix for City Texture Pack missing textures for multiple kinds of doors while holding in the player’s hand
Fix for Sign text not displaying.
Fix for Cows needing to take 11 hits with hand or 3 hits with any Sword to be killed.
Fix for Clownfish description displaying incorrect information.
Fix to update the sponge texture.
Fixed an issue unlocking the "Iron Belly" trophy.

Change log for Patch 1.22 - December 10th 2015

New Items:-

Armor Stand, Raw Rabbit, Cooked Rabbit, Rabbit Stew, Raw Mutton, Cooked Mutton, Rabbit’s Foot, Rabbit Hide, Potion of Leaping, Potion of Water Breathing, Salmon, Cooked Salmon, Clownfish, Pufferfish, Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Tulips, Oxeye Daisy, Sunflower, Lilac, Poppy (replaces Rose), Rose Bush, Peony, Double Tall Grass, Large Ferns, Prismarine Crystals, Prismarine Shard.
Creative Mode only – Rabbit Spawn Egg, Endermite Spawn Egg, and Guardian Spawn Egg.
New Blocks:-

Podzol, Granite, Polished Granite, Andesite, Polished Andesite, Diorite, Polished Diorite, Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Prismarine Bricks, Red Sand, Red Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, Chiseled Red Sandstone, Red Sandstone Stairs, Red Sandstone Slab, Sea Lanterns, Wet Sponge, Slime Blocks, Coarse Dirt, Packed Ice, Acacia Saplings, Dark Oak Saplings.
New Mobs:-

Endermite, Guardian, Elder Guardian, Rabbit, Chicken Jockey.
New Biomes:-

Mesa, Mega Taiga, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Forest, Savanna, Extreme Hills+, Deep Ocean, Snowless Taiga, 20 new Technical Biomes.
Updated Features:-


Fishing now has particle effects - bubbles will show up moving towards the bobber just before the player has something on the hook. This has the appearance of a fish swimming towards the hook.
Treasure can now be caught while fishing.
Treasure is split into 3 categories:-
Fish: Raw Fish, Salmon, Clownfish and Pufferfish.
Treasure: Enchanted Fishing Rod, Enchanted Bow, Enchanted Book, Name Tag, Tripwire Hook, Lily Pad and Saddle.
Junk: damaged Fishing Rod, Water Bottle, Rotten Flesh, String, Leather, Bowl, Stick, Bone, Tripwire Hook, Ink Sacs and damaged Leather Boots.


Enchanting now consumes Lapis Lazuli.
Enchanting has been rebalanced.
Enchanted Books can receive multiple enchants at once.

Villagers have additional professions and trading schemes.
Villagers will now harvest crops.
Villagers will only breed when willing (and can be made willing by giving them 3 bread, 12 carrots or 12 potatoes).
Villagers will turn into Witches when struck by lightning.
Nether Portal

New Nether Portal building rules: Any rectangular shape from 4x5 to 23x23
If the portal in the nether is big enough, Ghasts can travel through.
Will now be activated by any fire block within the frame.

Can place Pumpkins or Wither Skeleton Skulls to spawn Golems and Withers.
Will only place them if the body of the Golem or Wither is already built, in a valid configuration.

Anvil has been rebalanced.

Moss Stone, Mossy Stone Bricks and Chiseled Stone Bricks are now obtainable via crafting.

Cracked Stone Bricks and Sponge are now obtainable via smelting.
When a Furnace runs out of fuel, the smelting progress will rewind at 2× speed.
Empty Furnaces will only accept fuel and empty Buckets in the fuel slot.
Item Frame

Item Frames now emit a Redstone signal, and can rotate in 8 directions.
Redstone Comparator

Can now detect the rotation of an item in an item frame and output an equivalent power signal.

Buttons can now be placed on the top and bottom of blocks.
Powered Activator Rail

Powered Activator rails now dismount entities riding Minecarts.

Cauldrons with water in them will put out burning entities, taking away one water level each time.
Huge Mushroom Block

When harvested with Silk Touch enchantment, they drop blocks with corresponding Mushroom texture (red or brown) on all sides, rather than the one with spores.

Reintroduced Sponge to Survival Mode, with new behavior and texture.
Sponge turns into Wet Sponge when it soaks up water.
Water particles appear around the Sponge when this happens.
Sponge destroys water blocks from 5 blocks away in a kind of sphere.
Sponge soaks up water, only when some water is touching it.
Sugar Cane

Color/Shade is affected by the biome color (similar to leaves, grass and vines).
Baby Zombie

Now drop XP Orbs.

Can now be ignited with Flint and Steel.
Zombie Pigman

Adult Zombie Pigmen will forgive after a short time (and lose the aggro speed boost), but will continue to attack until the player escapes their aggro distance.

Now drink a Potion of Water Breathing, when they are trapped underwater.
Can drop a Potion of Water Breathing upon death, as a rare drop.
Jungle Biome

Melons can now be found in patches similar to Pumpkins.
Swamp Biome

Spawn with Blue Orchid Flowers.
In shallower parts, the coast is covered in staggered dirt block with Lily Pads between them.
Plains Biome

Generates three of the new flowers – Azure Bluets, Oxeye Daises and sometimes Tulips.
Can generate Double Tall Grass.
Extreme Hills Biome

Snow at higher elevations.
Gravel can replace ground cover.
Flat valleys near sea level.
Can generate slightly higher now.
Ocean Biome

Contains only Gravel on the floor instead of Sand, Dirt and Gravel.
Desert Temple

Now spawn with Stained Clay instead of Dyed Wool.
New landscape feature:-

Ocean Monument
New Enchantments:-

Luck of the Sea (I-III)
Lure (I-III)
Depth Strider (I-III)
Changes & Bug Fixes:-

Sheep now drop Mutton when they die.
Arrows decelerate much more quickly underwater, and extinguish if on fire.
Most mobs can now swim.
Skeletons flee from wolves.
Creepers, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons and Zombies drop their heads when killed by Charged Creepers.
Spiders no longer see players through solid blocks.
Babies' growth can be accelerated by feeding them.
Fix for players adding additional layers above the maximum height in Superflat.
Added Flint and Steel and Fire Charge sound effect when igniting blocks.
Updated audio for Cows and Mooshrooms.
Updated audio for Minecarts.
Created a new Tutorial World.

Change log for Patch 1.21 - October 23rd 2015

Changes & Fixes:-

Added Halloween 2015 Mash-up Pack trial content.
Added Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack trial content.
Fixed a small memory leak with signs.
Added colored light from torches (for Halloween 2015 Mash-up Pack).

Change log for Patch 1.20 - September 23rd 2015


Added Doctor Who Skin Pack Bundle Trial content.

Fixed a memory leak causing frame rate issues.
Fixed an issue causing signs to go blank for network players.
Updated trophies to include all those already on other platforms

Change log for Patch 1.19 - August 28th 2015


Added Star Wars Classic Skin Pack Trial content.
Added Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack Trial content.


Optimised water rendering.
Fix for some instability when adding and removing players from a game.
Fix for particle effects not displaying at high altitudes.
Fix for an issue where the Fuel meter in a Furnace could be reset when using a Lava Bucket.
Fix for an ingredient added to a Beacon interface would be lost when entering/leaving the End or the Nether.
Fix for an issue when renaming a world save and quickly loading the world.
Fix for an issue where the tick rate in a chunk would run too fast when the chunk was unloaded and then reloaded (MCCE-390).
Fix for Enable Flying host option causing healing to revert to classic mode.
Fix for an issue with a Potion of Swiftness not working for splitscreen players.
Fix for "Can Build And Mine" privilege stopping players using potions.
Fix for "Can Build And Mine" privilege stopping players equipping armor from the hotbar.
Fix for putting out fires with buckets of water making a wood breaking sound.
Fixed an issue with Iron Golems trying to give a flower to a villager, but the flower not being present.
Fix for a problem with water flickering at a distance when using the Natural Texture Pack.
Fix for a problem unlocking the Enchanter trophy when using Classic Crafting.
Fixed an issue where low opacity settings would cause the Ender Dragon and Wither health bars to be displayed inconsistently.

Change log for Patch 1.18 - July 24th 2015


Added Greek Mythology Mash-up Pack trial content.
Added Acacia Wood, Acacia Planks, Acacia Fence, Acacia Fence Gate, Acacia Door, Acacia Slab and Acacia Stairs to the Creative menu.
Added Dark Oak Wood, Dark Oak Planks, Dark Oak Fence, Dark Oak Fence Gate, Dark Oak Door, Dark Oak Slab and Dark Oak Stairs to the Creative menu.


Fixed a crash when approaching Villages, Desert Temples and Jungle Temples if the save that was loaded had a partially discovered Village/Temple in it.
Fixed an issue with stacking doors.
Fixed the Oak Door recipe not giving 3 doors.
Fixed an issue with the Set Day button in the Host Options menu.
Fixed an issue stopping players removing Leads from Fences.
Fixed Minecart with TNT having no igniting animation.
Fixed an issue with Mobs being unable to pass through an open Iron Door.
Fixed an issue where reaching the maximum spawn limit of villagers prevents spawning baby villagers after some of the villagers die.
Fixed doors being destroyed when placing them on an upper Slab.
Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could make tamed Wolves stand up.
Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could kill Snow Golems.
Stopped players being able to destroy Minecarts when 'Can Build and Mine' privilege is disabled.
Stopped players being able to open Minecart with Chest, Minecart with Hopper, and Saddlebags when 'Can Open Containers' privilege is disabled.
Fixed an issue with disabling weather cycle and saving causing other host options to be wrongly set.
Fixed an issue with Wolves not taking damage properly.

Change log for Patch 1.17 - June 30th 2015

Changes and Additions:-

- Added Oak Wood Fence, Spruce Wood Fence, Birch Wood Fence, Jungle Wood Fence.
- Added Oak Wood Fence Gate, Spruce Wood Fence Gate, Birch Wood Fence Gate, Jungle Wood Fence Gate.
- Added Oak Wood Door, Spruce Wood Door, Birch Wood Door, Jungle Wood Door.
- Added Iron Trapdoor, Inverted Daylight Sensor, Book and Quill, Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes.
- Added Custom Superflat User Interface, allowing players to customize superflat world generation.
- Added new in-game options to allow changing game mode, difficulty setting, time of day, and spawn position per player, and disable or enable ambient cave sounds, and weather settings.
- Split Load/Join interface into Create/Load/Join.
- Changed Game Mode selection to a slider.
- Added Classic Crafting option, so you can now craft the same way as on the Java version if you really want to! This option is available in the UI settings menu.
- Added LittleBigPlanet(TM) Mash-up Pack trial content.
- Enabled USB keyboard use for Book and Quill.


- Fixed a crash when a lot of Redstone Dust was used.
- Fixed various incorrect tooltip issues.
- Fix for mined item entities sometimes appearing at the top of the world, rather than spawning where the block is destroyed
- Fix for an issue with corrupt capes on characters.
- Fix for an issue where players could open Trapped Chests, Droppers, Hoppers and Beacons even though “Can Open Containers” was off.
- Fixed a crash when a flaming arrow shot from a Dispenser hits TNT.
- Fixed a memory leak causing crashes after prolonged play sessions.
- Fixed a problem with dropped items sinking below the ground.
- Fixed an issue with TNT explosions.
- Fixed a problem with baby villagers’ collision height.
- Fixed an issue with the Steampunk Texture Pack.

Change log for Patch 1.16 - April 29th 2015

Changes and Additions:-

- Added the Alex skin and some variations of it to the default skins.
- Changed music tracks played in Creative mode and on front-end menus to match Java version.
- Added The Simpsons Skin Pack trial content.
- Brought forward change so that shrubs can placed in flower pots.
- Fixed an issue stopping the Steampunk Texture Pack working.

Change log for Patch 1.15 - March 25th 2015

Changes and Additions:-

- Added Pattern Texture Pack trial content.
- Added Mass Effect Mash-up Pack trial content.
- Fixed issue placing Pistons, Dispensers and Droppers.
- Added Quick Move to the Horse Inventory.
- Made some fixes to player privileges.
- Corrected Baby Zombie hit boxes size.
- Added "Where are we now" Music Disc in Survival Mode.
- Fix for a bug where a Chest didn't disappear when destroyed.
- Fix for player sometimes taking fall damage while in a boat.
- Fixed an issue where a player's wolves could teleport to them when they were in a boat, and kill them.
- Updated Lapis Lazuli block texture.
- Fix for intermittent split-screen problem where players and mobs went invisible.
- Fix for a split-screen crash after prolonged gameplay.
- Fix for an issue causing client players to hang when creating a Wither.
- Fix for graphic corruption with Red Stone Comparator.
- Fix for a crash when a player is fishing.

Change log for Patch 1.14 - February 11th 2015

Changes and Additions:-

- More Redstone fixes.
- Increased minecart limit.
- Stopped tamed horses despawning when they are in a fenced-off area.
- Crafting a map now produces an Empty Map.
- Fixed a crash with a Noteblock.
- Fixed an issue with village generation.
- Fixed an issue with Witch Huts allowing other mobs to spawn in them after a reload.
- Fixed an issue where Blaze Spawners and Chests don’t appear in the Nether after a Nether Reset.
- Fixed a crash with Minecarts travelling through Nether Portals.

Change log for Patch 1.13 - January 16th 2015

Changes and Additions:-

- Fix for various Redstone issues.
- Fixed a crash when breaking an Item Frame containing a map.
- Fixed a crash when a Dispenser is dispensing water or lava when the Dispenser is blocked.
- Fix for placing a boat on harmful surfaces causing the game to crash.
- Updates to horse and other animal de-spawning to take into account Saddles, Saddle bags, Leads, Armor and Nametags.
- Fix for Stonebrick stairs recipe.
- Fix for issue where player is able to stay alive with zero hearts in their Healthbar.
- Fixed an issue in the Host Options menu in Adventure mode causing options to be set wrongly.
- Fix for issue where animals don't stop running after being hit.
- Fix for issue where destroying planted Pumpkin and Melon Seeds drops an incorrect number of seeds.
- Librarian villagers now have a small probability of offering nametags for sale.
- Add a rare probability of spawning Skeletons/Wither Skeletons in the nether.
- Brought forward change so that Witches naturally spawn, rarely, anywhere that's dark.
- Fix for issue where Wither Skeletons stop spawning in the Nether when the difficulty is set to Easy from Peaceful.
- Changed Minecart riding behaviour back so that the player turns with the Minecart.
- If mob griefing is turned off, sheep shouldn't change grass blocks when they eat them.
- Fix for TNT cart exploding despite 'TNT Explodes' option being turned off.
- Fix to Noteblock fall-off distance so they can be heard further away.
- Fix for player legs not being rotated correctly when riding.
- Fix for Wolf heal tooltip.
- Fixed improper tooltip displayed when Player is holding a Lead and aiming at an aggressive mob.
- Fix for Potion of Weakness effect description having incorrect values.
- Fix for issue where Creepers hover off the floor.
- Fixed issue where Name Tags do not appear to work correctly on the Wither, Iron Golem and Wither Skeleton.
- Fix for player nametags not being colored.
- City Texture Pack - Daylight sensor changed to look more like a solar panel.
- Fix for issue where a horse wasn’t rendering while riding it.
- Fix for issue with Halloween Texture Pack textures.

Change log for Patch 1.12 - December 20th 2014

Changes and Additions:-

- Added new items

Hardened Clay
Stained Clay
Block of Coal
Hay Bale
Activator Rail
Block of Redstone
Daylight Sensor
Minecart with Hopper
Minecart with TNT
Redstone Comparator
Weighted Pressure Plate
Trapped Chest
Firework Rocket
Firework Star
Nether Star
Horse Armor
Name Tag
Horse Spawn Egg
- Added new Mobs

Wither Skeletons
- Added new terrain generation features - Witch Huts.
- Replaced the Tutorial World with a new world containing some new mini-tutorials for the new functionality.
- Added Beacon interface.
- Added Horse interface.
- Added Hopper interface.
- Added Fireworks - Fireworks interface is accessible from the Crafting Table when you have the ingredients to craft a Firework Star or Firework Rocket.
- Added 'Adventure Mode' - You can only break blocks with the correct tools.
- Added lots of new sounds.
- Mobs, items and projectiles can now pass through portals.
- Repeaters can now be locked by powering their sides with another Repeater.
- Zombies and Skeletons can now spawn with different weapons and armor.
- New death messages.
- Name mobs with a Name Tag, and rename containers to change the title when the menu is open.
- Bonemeal no longer instantly grows everything to full size, and instead randomly grows in stages.
- A Redstone signal describing the contents of Chests, Brewing Stands, Dispensers and Jukeboxes can be detected by placing a Redstone Comparator directly against them.
- Dispensers can face in any direction.
- Eating a Golden Apple gives the player extra "absorption" health for a short period.
- The longer you remain in an area the harder the monsters that spawn in that area will be.
- New Game and Host options (Daylight Cycle, Keep Inventory, Mob options, Tile drop and a Regeneration option)

Change log for Patch 1.11 - December 20th 2014


- Added the trial Festive Mash-up Pack.

Change log for Patch 1.10 - December 3rd 2014


- Added Steampunk Texture Pack trial.
- Added Skyrim Mash-up Pack trial.

Change log for Patch 1.09 - October 31st 2014


- Fix for issue when player accepts an invite to a game using the Halloween Texture Pack when they don't have that pack.

Change log for Patch 1.08 - September 18th 2014


- Added Fantasy Texture Pack trial.
- Added Cartoon Texture Pack trial.
- Added Skin Pack 3 trial.


- Fix for the Player being able to destroy bedrock.
- Fix for Player can heal some Zombie Pigmen like Zombie Villagers.
- Fix for Players riding Boats/Minecarts sometimes being invisible to remote players.

Change log for Patch 1.07 - September 11th 2014


- Added Save Transfer
- Added new music tracks


- Fix for explosions damaging unrelated areas of the map.
- Fix for minecarts and pigs flickering when being ridden.
- Fix for 3D sound attenuation being incorrect.
- Fix for hitboxes on torches being incorrect sometimes.
- Fix for enchanted items not destroying blocks as quickly as they should.
- Fix for HUD repositioning when Tooltips are disabled.

Change log for Patch 1.06 - May 28th 2014


- Added Candy Texture Pack
- Added Natural Texture Pack
- Added Skin Pack 2
- Added Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2


- More voice chat fixes.
- Fix for players going invisible after death (on respawning).
- Fix for players going invisible when two players go through a nether gate at the same time.
- Fix for players sometimes being invisible after teleporting until either they move, or the player that sees them as invisible moves.
- Fix for Noteblock pitch being wrong – more noticeable when chords are played.
- Fix for Mobs dying in walls (happens for baby mobs after they become adults).
- Fix for chunks not loading in maps - tends to be specific seeds.
- Fixed streaming music not playing after a playing CD has been ejected from a jukebox
- Fix for player being able to attach Signs to the Chest with a block placed above it.
- Fix for player being able to breed wild Ocelots.
- Fix for player being able to breed Ocelot with Cat.
- Fix for tame wolves being removed if no players were near them when they were angry.
- Fix for Potion of Night Vision corrupts the game's UI while player is falling into the Void in the End.
- Fix for the damage decals flickering and/or not present if players are not close to each other in Survival Mode in a local splitscreen game.
- Fix for damage decals not displaying in splitscreen if the secondary player is 30 + blocks away from the primary player
- Fixed lava drip particles being too dark/black
- Fix for sitting wolves (or stationary entities) not being immediately visible if a remote player spawns next to them, or spawns far away and quickly heads towards them
- Fix for Leather Armour not displaying the enchantment glow.
- Fix for Enchanted item in hand effect being wrong.
- Fix for blocks placed at Y 128 being black on top.

Change log for Patch 1.05 - April 2nd 2014


- Fix for voice chat issues.
- Fix for blocks reappearing after they are mined.
- Fix to random fall damage issue.
- Fix for slow chunk loading speed.
- Fix for Maps not correctly display at the game start.
- Fix for splitscreen audio issues.
- Fix for blocks not always showing damage in splitscreen.
- Fix for Enderdragon sounds.
- Changed Zombies rare loot drop to be Carrots, Potatoes or Iron Ingots.
- Fix for problems spawning Chickens, Wolves & Mooshrooms.
- Fix for problem causing first item in the quickselect bar to sometimes move to the inventory on opening the inventory.
- Changed repairing tools in the Inventory to only allow tools that are not enchanted (since you’d lose the enchantment).
- Fix for villager eggs in a dispenser not producing random professions.
- Fix for Iron Golems not stopping their attack when they’ve killed a skeleton.
- Fix for issue when players teleported while riding a pig or a minecart.
- Fix for animals climbing Cobblestone walls.
- Fix for attaching fences to cobblestone wall.
- Fix for Invisibility potion not making sheep completely invisible.
- Fix for Online ID being visible when using an invisibility potion.
- Fix for tamed wolves with invisibility becoming visible when swimming in water.
- Fix to let bonus chests spawn in pre-TU14 worlds.
- Fix to issue causing stationary network players to oscillate between two slightly different positions.
- Fix for unsynchronised audio.
- Fix for a double exit sound from the crafting and anvil menus.

Change log for Patch 1.04 (TU14) - March 20th 2014

Changes & Additions

- Added new items
· Emerald
· Emerald Ore
· Block of Emerald
· Ender Chest
· Tripwire Hook
· Enchanted Golden Apple
· Anvil
· Flower Pot
· Cobblestone Walls
· Mossy Cobblestone Walls
· Wither Painting
· Potato
· Baked Potato
· Poisonous Potato
· Carrot
· Golden Carrot
· Carrot on a Stick
· Pumpkin Pie
· Night Vision Potion
· Invisibility Potion
· Nether Quartz
· Nether Quartz Ore
· Block of Quartz
· Quartz Slab
· Quartz Stair
· Chiseled Quartz Block
· Pillar Quartz Block
· Enchanted Book
· Carpet

- Added new recipes for Smooth Sandstone and Chiseled Sandstone.
- Added new Mobs - Zombie Villagers.
- Added new terrain generation features - Desert Temples, Desert Villages, and Jungle Temples.
- Added Trading with villagers.
- Added Anvil interface.
- Added sideways log placement.
- Changed placement of half blocks and other blocks on half blocks.
- Changed placement of upside down stairs and slabs.
- Wooden Buttons and Wooden Pressure Plates can be activated with Arrows.
- Can dye leather armor.
- Can dye wolf collars.
- Can control riding a pig with a Carrot on a Stick.
- Added different villager professions.
- Villagers spawned from a spawn egg will have a random profession.
- Furnaces can use wooden tools as a fuel.
- Ice and Glass panes can be collected with silk touch enchanted tools.
- Nether mobs can spawn in the Overworld from Portals.
- Creepers and Spiders are aggressive towards the last player that hit them.
- Mobs in Creative mode become neutral again after a short period.
- Remove knockback when drowning.
- Doors being broken by zombies show damage.
- Ice melts in the Nether.
- Cauldrons fill up when out in the rain.
- Pistons take twice as long to update.
- Pig drops Saddle when killed (if has one).
- Sky color in The End changed.
- String can be placed (for Tripwires).
- Rain drips through leaves.
- Levers can be placed on the bottom of blocks.
- TNT does variable damage depending on difficulty setting.
- Book recipe changed.
- Boats break Lily Pads, instead of Lily Pads breaking Boats.
- Pigs drop more Porkchops.
- Slimes spawn less in Superflat worlds.
- Creeper damage variable based on difficulty setting, more knockback.
- Fixed Endermen not opening their jaws.
- Added new Host Options for flying, invisibility and invulnerability for remote players.
- Added teleporting of players (using the player menu in-game).
- Furnace will return an empty bucket when fuelled by a bucket of lava.
- Updated Bonus Chest content with more items.
- Added new tutorials to the Tutorial World for new items and features.
- Updated the positions of the Music Disc Chests in the Tutorial World.
- Added new languages - Danish, Finnish, Latin American Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish
- Various network issue fixes.

Change log for Patch 1.03 - January 13th 2014


- Fix for issue in multiplayer/splitscreen which could cause save file corruption.
- Fix for memory issue causing random game freezes and exits to XMB.
- Fix for being unable to join games at times (“The host has exited the game” message incorrectly being displayed).
- Fix for splitscreen crash on adding a player when language is Russian.
- Fix for issue which can prevent leaderboard updates and some trophy awards.
- Fix for issue causing “No DLC offers available” message when converting trial to full version.
- Fix for game render glitch when a new streaming music track starts up.
- Fix for a lighting issue on a network client.
- Fix for the block damage decal being incorrectly offset
- Fix for selected item text not fading off screen if a menu is opened when it’s visible.
- Fix for “Where are we now” music disc
- Fix for issue with Ghasts firing at certain angles
- A few rendering performance improvements

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[1.03-1.37]  MineCraft PS3 Update-ChangeLog (NEW UPDATE 1.37) - NextGenUpdate (2024)
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