Author: Antti Suniala

Helsinki Cine Aasia

Festival of contemporary Asian cinema Helsinki Cine Aasia is the only festival of contemporary Asian cinema in Finland. Each year in March, Helsinki Cine Aasia brings to the big screen [...]

Tango Frostbite 2017

Tango Frostbite I had the honor of being the main organizer of the Tango Frostbite 2017 - the 6th International Festival of Argentine Tango - in Helsinki Finland. The festival [...]

Cultural management studies in HUMAK

I have just started my studies in Cultural management at the HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. Besides my career as a performing artist and a globetrotting DJ, I have directed […]

VIDEO: Hehku Fire Arts Festival – Joensuu Finland

  I was the artistic director, host and stage manager for the fire gala of the Hehku fire arts festival in Joensuu Finland. The gala performers were Fire Circus Walkea […]

VIDEO: Contemporary Tango Festival collaboration w/ Valerie Inertie!!!

  This was a truly amazing experience to do this performance and collaboration at one of the most unique venues ever – The Berlin Central Station. Valerie Inertie is a […]

VIDEO: Walkea – “Embracing Flames” fire and dance performance at the Lux Helsinki 2015

  Embracing Flames is a collaboration of director Antti Suniala and dance choreographer Cristiana Casadio. The performance brings fire arts closer to the world of contemporary dance and circus by […]

VIDEO: Walkea – “360” fire performance at the Lux Helsinki 2014

  360 is a study of the visual nature and beauty of fire, exploring the strong feelings that fire arouses in all of us. The performance combines the worlds of […]